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the market for Bookmakers in Brazil It reached 7 billion US dollars in 2020 and predicts even more expressive numbers for the coming years. One of the reasons for such success is the different types of bets, from the most popular ones like football and basketball to some improvised ones like MMA.

Check in the article below what are the 3 most popular sports betting methods in Brazil and understand the reasons for their success.

The most popular sports betting methods in Brazil

one A survey conducted by the newspaper O Globo Note that soccer is the most popular sports betting method in Brazil. Players who responded to the survey bet on:

● Football – 81%

● Basketball – 33%

● Electronic sports – 29%

1. Football

There is no doubt that soccer is the most popular sports betting method in Brazil. Suffice it to say that all 20 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A teams have sports betting sites as sponsors. Of these, seven are for master space, the most expensive in the shirt.

Because it is very popular, all sportsbooks have this mode and offer attractive bonuses. You can also bet on national, European, international competitions and even teams such as the World Cup. In fact, some sites even allow betting on second or third divisions of various championships.

To bet on football, it is interesting to follow sports news sites to know the statistics and odds on each game. Also, get to know the different markets for safe bets, such as:

● 1X2;

● targets over/under (over/under);

● corners;

● playing cards;

● disability;

● Case void a bet;

● Double chance.

2. Basketball

Basketball is the second most popular sport when it comes to sports betting in Brazil. The option is offered in most bookmakers that offer good odds.

The main basketball competition is the NBA (National Basketball Association). So it is interesting to focus on this championship. However, you can also bet on NBB (Novo Basquete Brasil) and other minor championships.

To earn well with basketball, you need to know the rules of the sport. For example, the NBA and NBB seasons only start in October. It is also important to know who the most prominent players are to make good bets.

The main basketball betting markets are:

● Moneyline (1×2 or win/draw/win) – bet on who wins the match between the 2 teams;

● Handicap – bet on the points difference between the two teams;

● Over/under – the house determines the number of points that will be in the game and you bet if the result will be higher or lower;

● margin/final result;

● margin of points that the winning team will have;

● First to reach the “X” points.

3. Electronic sports

Esports has grown tremendously in Brazil, which directly reflects sports betting. Experts indicate that by the year 2024, more than 577 million people will watch the broadcasts of the e-sports championships in the country. The global gaming industry could raise more than R$1.13 trillion by 2023.

The main games to bet on eSports are:

● League of Legends;

● Dota 2;

● Counter-Strike (CS:GO);

● FIFA (soccer);

● Rainbow Six;

● Valorant.

Also, the markets are very similar to traditional sports, only the terminology can vary slightly:

● Moneyline (pick the winner of the game);

● Handicap (difference of or points of adjustment);

● total (total points, deaths or rounds that will be in the game);

● Betting on bids (who will score the most points in a round).

Another important detail is that within eSports there are several types of games. Therefore, it is essential to understand the rules of each in order to place your bets.

Bookmakers in Brazil are booming and offering popular sports such as soccer, basketball and eSports. But to increase your chances of winning, it is ideal that you bet on the sports that you know the rules and odds of. Choose yours and good luck!

Image illustrating the image What are the main types of sports betting in Brazil?
Image illustrating the image What are the main types of sports betting in Brazil?

| Photography: Photography by Tembela Bohle – Pexels

Soccer is one of the main methods in sports betting houses in Brazil.

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