Videos: Helicopter crashes with federal deputy Heraklio Diniz – Politics

A helicopter crashed on Wednesday afternoon (21/9) in Anganhiro Caldas, a town located 40 kilometers from Governorate and Valdars, after colliding with the high tension cables of a tire.

The plane was preparing to land on a soccer field and arrived at Enganhiro Caldas carrying Federal Vice President Heraklio Coelho Dinis (MDB), candidate for re-election; Vice Mayor of Governor Valladolids, David Barroso, and announcer Luciano Viana, who works on the campaign. The helicopter was piloted by Fabiano Ruffino.

A video circulating on social media shows the helicopter arriving at the soccer field and preparing to land. In the sequence, the plane collides with the high voltage cables and falls, leaving the people who were waiting for the lieutenant completely disheartened.

Heraclio Coelho Diniz got out of the helicopter alone and was supported by the people who were there. The rest of the plane’s occupants were rescued and taken by Samo ambulances to the emergency room of the municipal hospital, in Governor Valadares.

The advice of his federal deputy Heracleo Coelho Diniz issued an official comment on the accident:

The helicopter hit power lines as it prepared to land on a soccer field. The victims were immediately rescued (Photo: I restore social networks)

“The campaign coordination of the Federal Deputy Heraclio Coelho Diniz informs that the helicopter carrying the candidate, the Vice Mayor of Valdares David Barroso, the announcer Luciano Viana and the pilot Fabiano Ruffino, had an accident when it landed in Anganhiro Caldes. The condition of the four passengers is good and they are on their way to the hospital for a full clinical report. Thank you all for your prayers and messages of support. More info coming soon.”

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