Vascano, Casemiro surrenders to Cruzeiro: “Damn big.” I had to go back’

Photo: Playback/Twitch

Streamer Casemiro Miguel during the reaction to the match between Cruzeiro Lusco

Despite being from Vasco, streamer Casemiro Miguel praised Cruzeiro after confirming access to Serie A of the Brazilian championship. In a live broadcast this Wednesday (21), on Twitch, the caller brought up the heavenly majesty and said that Repusa’s place is in the elite of national football.

Unfortunately for Casemiro, Cruzeiro secured access to the first division against Vasco. The team led by Paolo Pazzolano defeated the cross of Meltino 3-0 this Wednesday (21), in Mineiro, in Belo Horizonte, for the 31st round of Serie B.

“Nice Cruzeiro party. Just because there are a lot of Cruzeiro people who watch the video afterwards and think I don’t like Cruzeiro: not really. Cruzeiro’s place in Serie A, which should also be Vasco da Gama’s, but he still doesn’t understand. He has to go up bro . It took time, it was expensive. The robbery put him there, but he had to go back to Serie A. No chance. The Cruzeiro is big as hell,” praised Casemiro.

An attack with more goals, a less leaky defense, a better home team and visitors… The team led by Paolo Pazzolano was sovereign in Serie B and won an approach with greater expectation in the history of the tournament. With 73.1% success and 68 points, Raposa is the solitary leader of the competition.

“Deserves, deserves Cruzeiro to go up. Best campaign fired. Hell to say it, but since I’m irresponsible, I say: the only team that took Serie B with the seriousness it deserves is Cruzeiro. ‘Oh, because Bahia …’. If he doesn’t In the fight, why didn’t he take it. Duty? Everybody’s duty,” the streamer said.

Who is Casimir?

Casemiro Miguel, 28, who works for the channel TNT Sports Brasil, has gained popularity in recent months by making an irreverent life about football and various topics. The streamer was chosen on December 16 as the Person of the Year at the Brazil eSports Award for 2021.

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