Vanderlei Luxemburgo says that “Garrincha was not playing today”

One of the most successful coaches in Brazilian football, Vanderlei Luxemburgo will participate in ‘The Night’ today (21). In the attraction, Luksa commented that for him, Mana Garrinche would not have a place to do what he did in the football that we currently have.

“Grincha wouldn’t play today. The way he used to play, where he took the ball, dribbled the guy, stopped, waited for the guy to come back and dribbled again. The coaches didn’t give him a ball.” .. I’m in charge of dribbling. A player without a dribble, football without a dribble, that is not the essence of football,” he said.

With nine Camponatos Paulistas, five Brazilians, one Copa do Brasil and many other national and regional titles, he also won the Copa America with the national team and was the first and only Brazilian to command Real Madrid.

Luxemburg also commented that today there are no more stars in Brazilian football like there used to be. For him, the essence runs out with time.

“Brazil has the essence of playing football. People have played a lot of football in the flood plain. In football, there is no point in people wanting to create another solution that is not for the least favored. Football is for the least favored. You are not born rich and we have lost, over time, the fields that create players .a clay court, where the player was born… soccer geniuses are born in the backyard of the favela,” he said.

‘The Noite’, presented by Danilo Gentilly, with the full interview with Vanderlei Luxemburgo, will be broadcast this morning, on SBT, at 00:30.

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