The U-13 axis is the target of racism in the Pinyros game

The family of a player from the under-13 basketball team of Palmeiras claims that the young man was the target of racism last Sunday (18), in a match between the Albivarda team against Pineiros. The two teams faced each other for the Metropolitan Championship and the duel was paralyzed after the Vardao technical committee took the athletes off the field.

Wanted by UOL Esporte, Palmeiras confirmed what happened and stated that the family of the athlete, who is 12 years old, has already filed a racial slur report. In addition, the club also asked the Paulista Basketball Federation to act. Piniros spoke out on a social network denying that racism had occurred.

“Last Sunday (18), a player from the Palmeiras under-13 team was harassed by a group of Pinheiros fans, who were watching the match between the teams for the Metropolitan Championship (GSP) of the style, at Gincio Azul, in Pinheiros. -SP. Because of this episode, The technical committee of Palmeiras decided to take the team off the field and the game was suspended. The athlete’s mother contacted the police and filed a police report. The club contacted the Paulista Basketball Association (FPB) to request action regarding the case. Palmeiras gives all the necessary support to the athlete and his family,” informed the club.

Last night (21) Piniros spoke about what happened on social networks. In a denial statement, he denied that a racist term was used to refer to an opponent. According to the note, the insults to the opponent were made after a serious offense against an athlete of the club.

“From the summary of the match it appears that there was a very hostile relationship during the match, when the fans of the opposing team were invited to leave the venue due to fouls and hostilities. That the coach of Palmeiras was removed due to training for several fouls and for his aggressive behavior […] According to what has been found so far, the speech of the alleged supporter (“lively”) referred to the intensity, power and violence in the second unsportsmanlike offense committed by the same Palmeiras athlete, which culminated in his immediate removal from the game. The Pinheiros athlete fainted due to the violence of the offense he received and needed urgent medical attention,” the club said.

In other parts of the published note, Pinyros spoke out against any act of discrimination, violence or unsportsmanship.

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