The top 10 franchise seasons, ranked by IMDb scores

With below deck reaches its tenth season, and Below the deck of the Mediterranean Sea Halfway through its seventh year, fans of the franchise have a string of memorable seasons to look back on. The extravagant antics of the luxury yacht industry broadcast across four different series have created an amazing reality show.

No matter which ship the audience sails on, an emotional and dramatic moment on the high seas is guaranteed. While the shows have always been must-see TV, several seasons of the franchise have left a lasting impression on viewers due to the high-scale drama and earned much higher scores on IMDb.

10 Below Deck Mediterranean Sea Season 2 – 7.04

like its predecessor, Mediterranean Had a bit of a rough first season, but really stood out in the second season. Almost completely replacing the cast from the rookie season, Sirocco’s crew was brand new to audiences, and a big part of what made the season great was learning about them.

Hannah and Bobby’s relationship is tested throughout the season, as the two veterans are torn about how to handle the day-to-day operations of a new captain and crew. Love triangles are formed and the whole thing comes to a head when Bugsy and Hana have a big fight. Although the show became more dramatic as the years went by, the second season planted many seeds that would pay off later.

9 Below Deck Mediterranean Sea Season 3 – 7.05

A woman watches anxiously from Below Deck in the Mediterranean Sea

As a complement to the previous season, the third outing from Mediterranean Continued some of the most exciting stories. The show’s characters were fully fleshed out, and their interactions with the guests and each other were the bread and butter of the season.

Starting with some of the worst yacht guests of all time, the entire season sees Hannah struggling with her career, and unsure if yachting is what she wants to do with her life. Speaking of Hannah, in Season 3 she really starts to become the show’s full-time villain, and viewers have been eating it up.

8 below deck season 2 – 7.11

The captain and another man watch from the lower deck

even though below deckThe first season was important and helped launch it into the franchise, the second season is where the show started to get good. Weaving its narrative quite seamlessly, the season managed to set itself apart from most other reality shows by having a complete story that included all of its characters.

Relationships were formed and tested throughout the season, and whether the sailors were fighting or flirting, it always felt like something interesting was happening. A good reality show needs balance, and season two managed to seamlessly blend its drama with the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that made the show interesting in the first place.

7 Below Deck Season 3 – 7.31

Chef looks bored on the lower deck

equal to Mediterranean, below deckThe third season was an improvement because it was a growth and continuation of the ideas introduced in the second year. The over-the-top drama that would characterize the show began to creep in, but there was still a fair amount of action on the yacht as well.

Eddie’s shocking return was a perfect hook for next season, and there was tension in the episodes built around scandal and relationship drama. While some of the fake stuff on the show started to creep into Season 3, it was never a dull watch.

6 Below Deck Season 5 – 7.48

Crew members toast with champagne from Deck Below

The main show’s fifth season was a year of abandonment, and a ship full of inexperienced hands was a recipe for instant drama. Since the show is a reality show and mainly works with drama, the arrival of new cast members was like a refresh button that kept the show from going downhill.

Even with new cast members, the veterans continued to grow into their characters, and Kate had a particularly illuminating season when she landed. While some fans weren’t happy to see familiar faces, Season 5 was the shot that kept the series going.

5 Below Deck in Season 1 – 7.51

A crew member smiles in front of a tray of drinks from Below Deck Down Under

Generally considered one of the best new shows of 2022, the newest installment in the franchise didn’t get off to the same rocky start as its predecessors. below deck below Takes the thrill of the franchise’s yacht and transports it to the shores of Australia.

with years of below deck Under their belt, the producers of the new show knew exactly how to turn up the drama immediately. The characters are mostly new to their jobs, and the audience learns along with them along the way. In addition, the regular novels are presented in full, and each cast member plays a role in the narrative.

4 Below Deck Season 4 – 7.57

The captain supervises a man on a raft on a lower deck

Just before the big reboot that took place in Season 5, Season 4 saw the culmination of many of the show’s longtime cast members. The novels ended, and it was clear that a big change was on the horizon, but the show remained interesting.

In addition to some of the best sailing, the season also featured a host of interesting developments that gave audiences a glimpse into the reality of working on a ship. A boating accident and dangerous storms put guests and crew at risk, and fans were reminded that yachting is more than just interpersonal drama.

3 Below Deck Season 7 – 7.59

A disturbed guest is carried by a member of the lower deck crew

Although the show became more and more over-the-top with each subsequent season, a perfect balance was struck in the seventh year. The ship departs for Thailand to open the season, and the show is enhanced by the return of unforgettable guests.

The mood is uplifting, but there are also shockingly dramatic moments, including Kate’s departure from the show. Although it has come a long way since season 1 and is barely recognizable, season 7 is seen by many as the last major season of the original series.

2 Below Deck Mediterranean Sea Season 4 – 7.70

A crew member directs a rescue boat from the deck under the Mediterranean Sea

Again returning to Sirocco, and with a mostly new team, Mediterranean’Season 4 was anything but mid-race lows. A few familiar faces return from Season 3 to provide voice acting, but it’s the new cast members that make the season shine.

The coast of France is the scene of the season, and its beautiful scenery is a backdrop for incredible drama between the teams. Plus, the antics of guests like former baseball star Johnny Damon are the other element that has kept fans enthralled all season.

1 Below Deck Season 6 – 7.91

Three crew members relax by the water on the lower deck

below deckSeason 6 set the standard for what a great year the franchise could be. Seamlessly blending its interpersonal drama with its yachting action, the season never let up and was an intense experience throughout.

When he introduced the “Outrageous Moments” episode in the season for the first time, he still managed to shine despite his use of a music video show. While each episode was filled with drama and intrigue, Ashton’s near-death experience in overdrive was definitely a moment fans will never forget.

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