The success of the AmeriCup shows the ability and recovery of Brazilian basketball

The success of the AmeriCup shows the ability and recovery of Brazilian basketball

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For two weeks Recife became the basketball capital of America. After 38 years, AmeriCup returned to Brazil with public success, publicity, sessions and technical quality on the field. For almost 14 months, CBB, along with marketing agency MCS and a number of partners, worked to make the event possible, which proved to be a success, stirring Geraldo and the people of the North East, showing CBB’s ability to execute and take back power. Inside the field, Brazil had a great performance, reached the decider and received the runner-up spot. Outside of it, the organization was praised by FIBA ​​America and all partners, as we can see in the following paragraphs, with more than 130,000 fans in Geraldo in nine days.

It was an AmeriCup to remember. With Argentina, champions were crowned in a tight final with Brazil! Congratulations to both teams for providing us with such passionate moments in a crowded Geraldo, as well as to the United States for winning third place. Clear steps have been taken towards the growth of the tournament thanks to the effort of all the participating teams and the high-level hospitality of the Brazilian authorities, our local and regional office in the Americas – said FIBA ​​Secretary General Andreas Zagkalis.

The AmeriCup was only possible thanks to a huge work of logistics, organization, financial adequacy, responsible management of resources and much more, led by CBB and the local organizing committee, managed by MCS. And of course, partnerships and sponsors, such as the Municipality of Recife, the Government of Pernambuco, Usiminas,, Copergás, Baterias Moura and the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Citizenship and the Department of Sports, through a federal incentive. Law, the application of the most modern concepts of sports marketing in the world.

– We showed the recruiting ability and strength of Brazilian basketball in these two weeks. The result of more than a year of hard and talented work, with the support of great partners such as the City Hall of Recife, the Government of Pernambuco, our sponsors Usiminas,, Baterias Moura, Copergás and the Federal Government through the Ministry of Citizenship. We ran an AmeriCup that was highly praised by FIBA ​​in all aspects, from the quality of the hotels, to the food, to the transportation. The locker rooms, the branding installed in Geraldo, the work of the volunteers. It was a historic AmeriCup – said CBB President Guy Peisotto Jr.

The authorities are present

AmeriCup hosted the world basketball summit in Recife. Present were FIBA ​​Secretary General Andreas Zagkalis; FIBA Honorary President Horacio Muratura; FIBA ​​America President Carol Cullen; The CEO of FIBA ​​America, Carlos Alves; Minister of Citizenship, Ronaldo Bento; the Special Assistant Secretary for Sports of the Federal Government, André Alves; Mayor of Recife, Joao Campos; CBB President Guy Peixoto Jr; CBB Vice President, Magic Paula; The CEO of the CBB, Marcelo Sousa; the General Secretary of the CBB, Carlos Fontanel; in addition to the municipal and state sports secretaries and the presidents of the state federations.

12 countries in action

In the AmeriCup, the continent’s 12 main teams were in action, With live streaming to nearly 70 countries. The AmeriCup had Brazil, Argentina, Canada, United States, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Uruguay, Panama, Colombia, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Mexico. In Brazil, the broadcasts were carried out through SporTV.

– The whole world had, once again, the opportunity to know a little more about Resifa! The teams that went through our Geraldo gave a real show on the field, with special emphasis of course on Brazil, who showed all their talent and professionalism in every game, it was beautiful to see. We were very happy to be able to host the AmeriCup here, it was a milestone for us, proving the potential of our city to host major events on an international scale. It was amazing – quoted Mayor Joao Campos, Marsipa.

Social cards

The event was one of the most distributed social cards in history. Through a partnership with the City Hall of Recife and the Government of Pernambuco, approximately four thousand children and young people from municipal and state schools could follow the AmeriCup for free, actively participate in the competition and watch the games of national teams such as Canada, the United States and Argentina. , A total of almost 50 thousand social cards.

– It took 14 months of preparation. Meetings, negotiations, hiring, renegotiations and lots and lots of planning. For 10 days, the eyes of the world were turned to Brazil, more precisely to Recife during the COPA AMERICA DE BASQUETE, the most important competition of the modality in the Americas. We face the challenge of making this edition of COPA AMERICA the most vibrant and exciting international sports tournament held in Brazil in recent years. A job that involved more than 800 people, including service providers, volunteers, professionals and managers hired to manage more than 50 functional areas, something unprecedented in Brazilian basketball. We hosted America’s top teams and made them feel at home. The result was an event that broke audience records and was broadcast to more than 70 countries. We put Brazil in the spotlight of world sports, and presented an international level event with 100% national production – said Mauricio Santos, from the MCS agency.

Official store

The AmeriCup had a number of official shops around the Ginásio do Geraldão, selling official products from the competition as well as the national teams in action. The success was so great that the shirts of the Brazilian team were sold on the last day of the event.

– CBB has shown its ability to execute and return its governance and credibility. The AmeriCup was a success with audience, praise and audience feedback. We are happy about the recognition of FIBA ​​and all the partners – said Marcelo Souza, CEO of CBB.

America’s books

> 3,500 meals
> 7,986 bottles of water
> 600 members of the organizing committee
> 80 FIBA ​​professionals
> 40 professional broadcasters
> 15,000 people per day at the booths (a total of two meetings)
> 70 countries have acquired the broadcasting rights
> 23,000 room nights in the Recife hotel chain
> 1,000 towels
> 130 certified journalists from 14 countries
> 144 athletes
> 12 countries in action

Geraldo’s rededication

Geraldo Gymnasium had its grand opening event with AmeriCup, and was highly praised by FIBA ​​America, in addition to the participating teams. Locker rooms, logistics to access the gym, proximity to hotels and airports. Everything was praised by the participants.

Sold out

In addition to the opening with Mexico x United States and Brazil x Canada, the semi-finals and decider were sold out, that is, a full house with all the tickets sold. The historical atmosphere is preserved in photos and videos that will last forever. everything from everything More than 130 thousand people were in Geraldo in these nine days.

source: CBB Consulting

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