The Lakers will retire another jersey of a basketball legend


The Lakers have announced that they will retire the jersey of NBA legend George Mikan on October 30th.

Mikan is one of the most influential figures in basketball history as a pioneer and innovator of the game. Other than that, he had a legendary career with the Lakers, contributing to five franchise titles.

Mikan’s jersey could have been retired a long time ago, but following the saying ‘better late than never’, Mikan will finally be honored by the Lakers. The former NBA MVP passed away in 2005, so he won’t be there to receive the honor.

The Unfathomable Legacy of George Mikan

It is impossible to tell the history of basketball without mentioning the contributions of George Mikan. A training exercise he used to improve control when shooting with two hands is now known as the Mikan drill because of the effect it had. Anyone who has had any organized basketball training is familiar with the Mikan Drill as it is one of the most fundamental tools in building a basketball player’s skill set.

Throughout his career with the Lakers, Mikan had many amazing accomplishments. He won five titles, was a former MVP of the league, participated in several All-Star games, and even led the league in rebounds. Any modern player with a resume like that would be included in the conversation as one of the greatest players of all time. He is one of the few players in NBA history to be the season’s leading scorer and a championship in the same year.

Mikan averaged 23.1 points and 13.4 rebounds during his NBA career. He is a legend of the game, and the Lakers are doing very well to add another giant of history to their brilliant collection of retired jerseys.

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