The hastily assembled women’s basketball that has already won the title

The Maringá women’s basketball master team brings together women from different professions and ages 30 to 67. Together for a month they participated in competitions and won the title. They show disrespect, attitude and charm throughout the courts.

In the rush of everyday life, work, children, studies, it is not always possible to exercise, let alone participate in a team to play games. For some women in Maringa, there is time for that, yes! Even with fatigue, pain and other problems related, perhaps, to age, 12 women aged 30 to 67, at the invitation of Sergio Paolo Abugenera, Jr., the supporter of the sport, made the decision to join forces and form not just one, but two basketball teams. According to Sergio Paolo, the idea came to fruition near the 15th international basketball tournament held in Maringa at the beginning of the month and resulted in winning the championship title. [ouça o áudio acima]

Basketball is a sport that requires breathing and up-to-date physical conditioning. Teacher and journalist Valdeta de Grasse explains that even with the demand, one helps the other. [ouça o áudio acima]

Another athlete, Milena Bonifacio Zim, 39 years old, physical educator, married and mother of three. She says that she has always loved the sport since she was little. Upon returning to the courts, after the first tournament, she and the team decided to participate in the open games in Maringa. [ouça o áudio acima]

Silvana Costa Tomalo plays in the team as a pivot. From the age of 14 in basketball, he participated in school games, entered the youth team and the senior women’s team of Maringa. At the age of 21 she stopped playing and now she is back at the age of 41. She says that she is very happy to be back on the court. [ouça o áudio acima]

Since the team is new, there is no permanent place for training that takes place only once a week. Activities take place at the State University of Meringa and at other times at the Valdir Pinheiro Gymnasium. Even with these difficulties, training is underway and the girls can’t wait to meet.

And what to do after the end of the championship? Valdeta de Grasse has it all. just wait [ouça o áudio acima]

The next rivals are the teams Só Fridas and Galeria 2, a team that was also the result of a meeting of women who love basketball.

And as Silvana says: it is basketball that renews the city of Meringa, at any age, with almost no time to train and compete. But with a lot of joy and laughter… [ouça o áudio acima]

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