The day Globo was ‘cheated’ with a ‘fake’ victory

When referee Andre Luiz de Freitas Castro pointed to the center of the pitch and signaled the end of the game, there was celebration, lamentation and immense confusion among a large part of the public that watched Vasco x Cruzeiro, in the second round of last year’s Brazilian Serie B, on television. Today (21), almost a year after that episode, the teams meet again, this time in Mineirão, and were introduced to a different scenario.

On September 19, 2021, Vasco de Fernando Diniz and Cruzeiro from the interim Giuliano Baletti set foot in Sao Januario for an important duel. In addition to the appropriate trips to the competition, this game marked the return of the public to the hill, against the background of health services in the face of the covid-19 epidemic.

Nene opened the scoring for the hosts at the end of the first half, and a cross victory for Maltino was at hand when, in injury time, Daniel Amorim scored what was the second, but the goal was disallowed. Red Globo, which broadcast the game to Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, on the other hand, did not pay attention to the referee’s decision and kept the score 2-0.

In the next move Cruzeiro hit the net, with Ramon. The extensive celebration of the players of the Minas Gerais club drew criticism from the members of the cabin, which included the narrator Luis Roberto and the commentators Roger Flores and Paulo Nunes.

Shortly after the final whistle, and with Globo still marking 2-1 to Vasco, Rafael De Angeli, a reporter who was on the court and had not received service before, warned that the game was 1-1.

“Luis Roberto, just to clarify, the match ended 1-1. Vasco’s second goal was disallowed. The referee called for an irregularity, the move continued and Cruzeiro equalized. Therefore, the score here in Sao Januario was 1-1” . , he said.

Due to the epidemic, announcers and commentators were not present in the stadium. In the move that created the confusion, forward Gabriel Peck took the ball in his hand in a tackle, before playing Daniel Amorim. While the announcer and commentators were talking and voting for the man of the match, the referee disallowed the goal and restarted the game, in a photo not shown.

“Guys, please, it’s important to apologize a million times to the Cruzeiro Vasco fans. Because of the epidemic, I’m telling from the studio and for me the goal was worth it. For us from the studio, Daniel’s goal is supposed to be approved. So I apologize on behalf of all of us, because I really didn’t know that the goal was disallowed . For our broadcast, the game was 2-0 to Vasco,” lamented Luis Roberto.

Thus, only those who were in the stadium, out of a little over 300 residents of Vasco, knew the true result of the game when it ended. The draw was even worse for both sides. While Vasco reached 34 points, in 9th place, Cruzeiro had 31, in 13th place, and CRB, then fourth, had at the same time 41 points and one game less. At the end of the tournament, neither Vasco nor Cruzeiro got access, something they are looking for this season.

went viral on the internet

Rede Globo’s mistake, of course, created some memes on social media. One of the videos that went viral was from the “Radio Cruzeiro Sport” broadcast. Watching on TV, commentator Diego Medeiros strongly criticized Ramon, the goalscorer, for going to celebrate instead of taking the ball and taking it to midfield, trying to hasten the restart of the game in search of an equaliser.

It was later revealed to be the equaliser, and a celebration for the point scored.

Another scenario

Besides, on the present occasion, the match will be in Mineirão, the championship scenario of Cruzeiro Vasco is different from this event. In 2022, in this second round, both teams are in G4, and even in case of victory, Raposa already guarantees access to Serie A.

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