The councilor who will award the title to Abel Pereira praises his leadership and legacy to the club beyond football – 09/22/2022

The Councilor of Sao Paulo, Professor Toninho Vespoli (PSOL), will present the title of citizen of Sao Paulo to the coach of Palmeiras, Abel Ferreira, this Friday (23), at the Municipal Chamber. A 56-year-old fanatic from Palmeiras, he gave an exclusive interview to Esporte News Mundo We are talking about the club’s moment and the size of the legacy that the Portuguese left not only for Lordao, but to the capital of Sao Paulo.

The event will happen From 14:30, in the main hall of the Sao Paulo City Council (eighth floor). Anyone can follow the ceremony, but those who cannot, will be able to watch it on TV Câmara, available on open TV in the capital (digital channel 8.3) and also on the website,

The proposal of Toninho, who is in his third consecutive term as a council member, the draft legislative decree 38/2022 was approved and announced by the chamber plenary in April. Since then he had been waiting for an opportunity in the commander’s schedule to participate.

emphasized the politician ENM that the gesture goes beyond the fact that he is the coach of the Sao Paulo club. “It’s because of the way he leads the team, the way he took care of the club’s employees during the epidemic. It’s because of the fact that the team’s good performance increases the number of tourists who want to get to know Palmeiras, visit the trophy room and watch the team’s games”he explained.

Photo: personal archive

interest in education

His concern for the education of young athletes also attracted attention. “He draws attention to them to deal with other things, in addition to material matters, Proving the importance of the teaching that life is not just the accumulation of wealth and material things.”

In June Abel stated that, “Before he coaches, he coaches men”, and education is also part of his job, even reporting that he is a better father with his athletes than with his two daughters. At that time, neither they nor their wife had yet moved to Brazil, which happened in July.

The member of the chamber, who has been a member of PSOL for 17 years, believes that the five trophies collected by the coach highlighted the city of São Paulo. “Note that it is often called ‘Club Pompeii’ or ‘Club Barra Fonda’. This ensures that many people will want to visit the stadium, the trophy room, CT and watch the spectacle of seeing this team play. No doubt, in addition to the many good things that the city has Sao Paulo and the various tourist attractions, Palmeiras has become another one,” he emphasizes.

+But Ferreira receives the Quinas de Ouro award and dedicates a trophy to Palmeiras

On the high probability of Palmeiras being the champion of Brazil this year, he put his “feet on the ground”, but emphasized that he hopes this gesture will be a warm-up for the possible national conquest. “You must know that people from Palmeiras are suspicious, for no reason we celebrate before. There are 11 finals for the title. The team will play with that in mind, one game at a time.”

Abel’s words

Although he had already confirmed his presence, the ENM found out that coach Alviverde had not yet spoken to Toninho, but had already exchanged a few words with one of his advisers. “He (an assistant) told a very pleasant and kind conversation of Adam Sh Concerned about the growing number of people living on the streets In Sao Paulo, Brazil and the world,” he said.

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Referring to the process that took place until the approval of the project, he said that everything went smoothly. “It is the council member’s right to offer the gesture. When I had the idea, I went after the signatures to submit the PDL (legal project) and everything went smoothly and acceptable.”

Toninho next to his mother photo: personal archive

Finally, he mentioned that he bought the book “Cabeça fria, Coração hot”, which was even signed by the coach of the two-time Libertadores champion. However, the philologist said he had not yet read it. “Something that arouses my curiosity is to understand the issues it deals with, strategy for the game and keep it until the end, in addition to the focus and mental balance of the players,” he concluded.


Always associated with left-wing causes, Toninho Vespoli joined the PT in 1987, having first appeared in the 2004 elections, having 9,517 votes (not elected). Then, in PSOL, Became the first councilor of Sao Paulo elected by the, in 2012, with more than 8,000 people trusting him at the ballot box. In 2020 he achieved more than 26 thousand votes and elected for the third time. Now, in an attempt to take a bigger step, he is a candidate for state deputy.

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