The coach is angry with the suspension and starts at the referee; Watch

Today’s Malaysia Games match between Wilayah Persekutuan and Pulau Pinang ended in unfortunate scenes inside the UiTM Stadium lawn (watch below).

In the last part of the duel, which was held in the city of Shah Alam, the players of both teams got involved in confusion when the game was 1-0 to Penang.

The fight started with an offensive move by Prescottuan that ended on the sidelines after the two involved in the bid fell.

Immediately the referee of the game separated the athletes and expelled only the player of the team that attacked.

The fact upset the Persekutuan coach, who went to take satisfaction from the approach. Disgusted, he went after the judge, who ran for protection from other people.

Even in the escape, the referee still showed a red card to the coach – who increased the pace, but was unable to attack him.

On the field, the game was restarted, but there were no more goals: the result put Penang in the final of the Malaysia Games.

Watch the moment:

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