The Chelsea owner is proposing an ‘All-Star Game’ in the Premier League

Chelsea’s new owner, American Todd Bohley, proposed an ‘All-Star Game’ in the Premier League between teams from the north and south of England.

Buhly, who also owns the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team and the Lakers basketball team, said in an interview in New York that he had already planned the idea with owners of other elite English soccer clubs.

Both Major League Baseball and the NBA have exhibition games with teams made up of players from their respective conferences.

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“People are talking about more money for the pyramid, but in Major League Baseball’s ‘All-Star Game’ this year, we raised $200 million from Monday to Tuesday,” Buhly said.

“So we thought we could play a north versus south game in the Premier League,” suggested the businessman.

The American suggested that the revenue from the event among the richest teams could help clubs in the lower divisions of the English Football League (EFL).


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