The beast of the courts: Nova Friborg will be featured in the basketball championship in Argentina

The city of Nova Friborg in the Serrana region of Rio will have a representative in the next ‘Maxi Basketball Championship’, a basketball tournament in the master category, which will be held next year in Argentina.

Fabio Freitas, from Fribourg, has been called up by Hofce to join the Brazilian team in the competition scheduled to take place in Mar del Plata, a city belonging to the province of Buenos Aires.

At the age of 58, Fabio, as he is popularly known, stands out in the sport not only because of his talent, but mostly because of his stature. The height of the athlete is 2.04 m, which benefits his performance on the courts.

Even at the age of 60, Pavao continues at a strong pace, taking Nova Friburgo to the four corners of the country. Recently, he participated in tournaments in Ribeiro Preto, in the state of São Paulo and in Caioba, in Paraná:

It is the greatest pleasure to always defend a team, even if it is a master. I had two such opportunities. And it’s a pleasure, even more bearing the name of Nova Friborg. Every time I go to play, I take a city shirt and talk about it.

The 58-year-old from Freiburg says he works out every day and makes sure to keep fitAt the age of 58, Friburguense says he works out every day and makes sure to stay in shape | Photo: publication/personal archive

This is not the first time the Priburguans have competed in a competition outside the country. The athlete was already in Italy to participate in the World Championship of the category, where he was one of the highlights of the tournament.

Before competing on Argentine soil, Pavao is preparing for the Masters Championship in João Pessoa, Praiba. The competition is planned for the month of November, and the athlete will play for the Ceará national team.

Track in sports

Fabio’s story started very early in sports, when he was 16 years old.

He says he liked soccer more in his youth, but after working at a basketball event tying the nets, he became fascinated with the sport.

With the iconic Michael Jordan as an idol, his first contact with the orange ball came through Jequia Basquete in the city of Rio, an invitation he received in the same tournament where he worked.

Throughout his career, the Priburger has been through Flamengo, Pindemonhangaba, Ito, Soroka, Ribeiro Preto, Votoporanga, Nautico and Macapa. Since the 2000s, Pavao has competed in Masters tournaments throughout Brazil.

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