Students from the municipal network of Etibia participate in the baseball experience – Estancia de Etibia Town Hall

Sports training brought throwing and hitting the ball during physical education classes for EM students José Aparecido Ferreira Franco

The town hall of Estância de Atibaia, in collaboration with the baseball department of Acenbra (Associação Cultural Esportiva Nipo Brasileira de Atibaia), held last week the baseball experience, a sporting event for the students of the municipal school José Aparecido Ferreira Franco.

The activities took place for morning and afternoon classes, during physical education classes, through collective and individual training, including throwing and hitting the ball. The initiative was a collaboration of the Department of Education together with Acenbra, covering all classes with the sports method at EM José Aparecido Ferreira Franco.

The baseball practices took place for the students between the dates 08/31-09/02, accompanied by the school’s physical education teachers. For children, the baseball experience encourages participation in the sport, in addition to encouraging teamwork and providing more agility, reflexes, motor coordination as well as physical conditioning.

Baseball, very popular in North and Central America, in Brazil is called “the Japanese sport”. The reason for this is that in addition to the fact that the North Americans introduced the sport to the country, with the large Japanese immigration in the 20th century, this group began to practice the sport. Softball and baseball have some variations in technical gestures, equipment and field size, but the way the game is played is similar. In terms of high competition, softball is mainly played by women’s teams.

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