Soroka is the champion of the 2022 regional games

Sorocaba is the champion of the 64th edition of the Regional Games of the State of São Paulo 2022, for the 8th Sports Region, after almost three months of competitions. The athletes from Surukaba won 285 points in the general ranking, followed by Jundayi with 198 points and Ito with 134 points.

The regional games are one of the main sports tournaments in the interior of São Paulo and are held in various cities in the state of São Paulo. The municipalities compete among themselves, within their region, to qualify their athletes for the 84th edition of the 2022 Interior Open Games, which will take place from October 3 to 15, in São Sebastião (SP).

“Our athletes and technical teams made a brilliant participation in the regional games. We won 22 sports in our sports region, competing with 39 other municipalities,” announced the Secretary of Sports and Quality of Life, Pedro Souza. The city took to the tournament a delegation formed by almost 350 athletes, including men and women.


The delegation from Sorokava will now participate in the open games of the interior, with about 400 athletes, in the following ways in the regional games: men’s athletics (3rd place), women’s athletics (5th place), men’s badminton (1st place), women’s badminton (2nd place), men’s basketball (1st place), women’s basketball (2nd place), birbol (2nd place), bocce (1st place), men’s cycling (1st place), women’s cycling (1st place), men’s checkers (2nd place) , women’s checkers (1st place), men’s football (1st place), men’s futsal (1st place), men’s artistic gymnastics (1st place), women’s artistic gymnastics (2nd place), men’s handball (1st place), women’s handball (1st place) ), men’s judo (1st place), women’s judo (1st place), women’s karate (6th place), men’s swimming (2nd place), women’s swimming (1st place), men’s tennis (1st place), table tennis Men (1st place), Women’s table tennis (1st place), Men’s volleyball (1st place), Women’s volleyball (1st place), Men’s beach volleyball (1st place), Women’s beach volleyball (1st place), Men’s chess (2nd place) ) and women’s chess (1st place).

The Open Games will also feature men’s and women’s boxing, mixed bench, men’s and women’s kickboxing and men’s and women’s Olympic wrestling.

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