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The work is from the shared budget

Social space: Andre Carloni's community gets a multi-sport gym

Text: Deborah Hamerley – photograph: Tom Paparazzi/Secom-PMS

An organized audience worthy of a championship final, with the right to applause, smiles and hopeful eyes. This was the answer given by the residents of Andre Carloni upon the delivery of the renovation works of the sports field in the neighborhood. Work of the participatory budget.

With an investment of R$ 522,779.61 from his private resources, the space received new flooring and painting; The stands have been restored. The court also gained a new fence; exterior and interior painting; new cladding in a metallic structure; This is without counting the repair of the electrical and hydraulic parts; Renewal of bathrooms and wardrobes and LED lighting. Bring the competitions, meetings and cultural events!

“The participatory budget is not a work of fiction, but a reality. Since 1997, when I took over the municipality of Sera, we have put it into practice and I am convinced: with the participatory budget we may not get along with everything, but we have many opportunities, because it is the voice of the community. We are heard.” , noted. The mayor of Serra, Sergio Vidigal, confirms: “There is no point in doing more work and not restoring the equipment we have.”

The gym is located at Rua Santo André, #246, and also has a new popular gym. “There was also a renewal of the landscaping, in addition to improvements in the gym. A gym suitable for the use of the population, with beams for playing soccer, pegs for laying the volleyball net; in addition to the basketball training table. The equipment is very nice for the population to use it as a place to practice sports, shows,” the municipal secretary noted , Helper Luigi, who stressed: “We are not dealing with just management, but with the management whose mayor. Has a social aspect, in education, in health. He cares for the people. He cares for the people. He cares for the families of Serra.”

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