SAF do Galo: Investors interested in the club have LeBron James as a shareholder

Everything indicates that at the end of the year Atlético will become SAF (Sociedad Anónima do Futebol). And the club already has a great interest in purchasing a share to become the majority investor and control football in Gallo.

This is Fenway Sports Group, an American investment group that is one of the largest sports holding companies in the world and owns a baseball team (Boston Red Sox), an ice hockey team (Pittsburgh Penguins), in addition to owning Liverpool from England. . Information about the group is provided by the FalaGalo portal.

Fenway Sports Group has basketball star LeBron James as one of its shareholders. The North American team already has the SAF model of Atlético in hand and appears as one of the possible interested parties to move to the next stage, knowing how the distribution of quotas and participation will be.

Fenway has been the majority shareholder of Liverpool since 2010. During his tenure, the club ended the fast of three decades without being the champion of England (2020) and twice reached the final of the European Champions League (was champion in 2019 and runner-up in the final last year).

According to Boston-based journalist Gustavo Lopes, FSG’s intention is to enter the South American soccer market to be a hero and in addition to commanding a club, the group is interested in commanding an arena, as Fenway Park, Boston’s stadium is owned by the group, which specializes in arena management.

Understand the SAF process

An initial list is compiled by the investment bank, which brings together several dozen names that invest in this type of business around the world, potential buyers.

Interested parties sign a confidentiality document and have access to the club in question and all information. With the document in hand, the interested investors submit offers, and then, an exclusivity period closes with the most attractive to do due diligence and finalize the deal.

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