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09/21/2022 17:34 – Social assistance

The National Day of the Struggle of People with Disabilities is celebrated in Ribeiro Preto

The purpose of the event was to promote visibility and social integration of people with disabilities – PcD

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The Municipality of Ribeirão Preto, through the Secretariat of Social Assistance – SEMAS, supported, together with other secretariats, the celebration of the International Day of Struggle for People with Disabilities, organized by the Acho Você project. The event was held on September 21, in the Maurilio Biaggi Park. In the accessibility activities program, the event shed light on the issue and raised questions about accessibility and inclusion.

The National Day of People with Disabilities was established by Federal Law No. 11,133 of 2005, with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of developing measures for the inclusion of people with disabilities in society.

The celebration included several activities, such as the performance of the national anthem and the one for Ribeirão Preto, by Israel Ferreira, 15 years old, artist and person with disabilities, in addition to the dance performance of the inclusive culture. A project of the students of the Egidio Municipal School. Pederski, planting a fruit seedling on the occasion of Sukkah Day; work gymnastics; athletics; wheelchair basketball; down soccer; Distribution of urban services offered by CREPD – Specialized Reference for People with Disabilities of the Department of Social Assistance, and by PEI – Pole of Inclusivability Employability of the Department of Development and Innovation, among others.

“According to the 2010 IBGE census, more than 23% of the Brazilian population has a disability. In other words, there is a strong demand for services and assistance to ensure the quality of life of these people, who are still marginalized in society and have little access to special services. Even social inclusion in my homes Books, sports and cultural activities are still very limited. With this event, we propose to reflect this reality and what can be done to make our city and region even more inclusive and welcoming. This day was chosen because it is the date we celebrate Tree Day and we have its proximity of spring, a season known for the appearance of flowers. This phenomenon represents the birth and renewal of the struggle of people with disabilities.” Rita Castillo, founder of the Found You Project, explains.

“I believe that the fight for the rights of people with disabilities should be a daily job. Such dates go beyond a simple reflection, they ultimately invite us to look for new solutions as well, so that the participation and inclusion of people with disabilities and their families is truly effective and today’s event was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the This strength and representativeness.” Reinforces Renata Correa, Secretary of Social Assistance in Ribeiro Preto.

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