Renato sees a rebuke reflex and says it could have been 5-0

Renato Gaucho scolded the Gremio players after the game against Novorizontino. Still in the changing rooms of the Jorge de Biasi Stadium, he demanded commitment from the athletes and threatened to change the team. Today (20), after the 3-0 victory over Sport, he noticed a change in the players’ behavior and said that the difference could have been even greater.

“What I said after the game against Novorizontino is this. Today we had a different approach, we competed, and we played in the second half. Serie B is what I said we will not be given a show, we will suffer, but we will return to Serie A,” said Portalupi.

“I coach dialogues, but sometimes you have to pull your ears. I don’t know how the reprimand they got there turned out. [em Novo Horizonte], but I get paid for it. They can’t be in their comfort zone. It’s the bite and the blow thing. To bite is hard for them, to blow is to stand them up. They had a hard time there, because they had to have a hard time. But passed. And here I gave them morals and they played what they played today. It can’t be just harsh or just praise. I would always like to praise, as it is today, as it was against Vasco. But what happened against Novoriontino was unthinkable. I talked to them. The tough was necessary to not stay in the comfort zone. Because I have no comfort zone. Our goal is to return to Serie A, and we will achieve it,” he added.

On the pitch, today, Gremio began to find difficulties, but in the second half they overcame the opponent and won a safe and peaceful victory.

“The second half even surprised me. Today, if it ended 5:0 for Gremio, it would have been normal. Because they didn’t have a chance, and we had four, five clear chances. I congratulated the team because it was important.” , he said.

“My team had to compete because they [Sport] They played life. We competed in the first half, it was a broken game. At halftime, we talked and agreed on some positions. We started to find spaces and make plays and goals. In the second half we were better than the first. In the first we compete, in two games. It was a match against a direct rival, we were 10 points ahead of them. Gremio has taken a huge step to return to Serie A,” added Renato.

Grêmio’s next game will be on the 30th, against Sampaio Corrêa. With 53 points, the Gaucho team takes the second place in Serie B.

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