Pazzolano takes a “bath” of the Cruzeiro players: “I will train tomorrow”

Photo: Luiz Henrique Campos/EM/DA.Press

Cruzeiro players gave Pazzolano a ‘bath’ while the coach gave an interview in Miniero

One of the main people responsible for Cruzeiro’s approach, Paolo Pazzolano gave the players a ‘bath’ during the Miniero press conference. This Wednesday (09/21), Raposa beat Vasco 3-0, ahead of the 31st round of Serie B, securing the first elite match of Brazilian football.

During the interview, some athletes from the club ‘invaded’ the press room, poured drinks on the Uruguayan and shouted: ‘Ah, Pazzolano’. Watch the video below:

Shortly after receiving the ‘bath’, the coach joked with the players and said that everyone will train this coming Thursday (22). However, the trend is that the club will release the squad due to the celebrations.

Pazzolano also spoke of his happiness at getting access to Cruzeiro. The heavenly commander made sure to emphasize the advantages of the players, the technical committee and the other employees at the club.

“The truth is that we are very happy, this audience that has so many people, whether on the field, in the street or anywhere. Seeing the players and the coaching staff happy also makes me happy, because everyone is making a very big effort. From the work of each one of them, we are a team, Both those who work on the field and off it. I’m very happy for everyone, that we achieved the goal.”

Pushed on by 59,204 fans, coach Paolo Pazzolano’s team confirmed a mathematical approach to Serie A eight rounds in advance. Filipe Machado, Edo and Lovnor scored the goals that put an end to the heavenly torment.

With the result, Cruzeiro reached 68 points and can no longer be overtaken in 5th place in Serie B. The impeccable campaign has also entered history, as this team has been, since 2006, when the tournament began to be disputed by the points runners, who secured access with The most rounds in advance – there are still seven left.

Now the goal becomes the second league title. According to the math department at UFMG, Cruzeiro’s chances of lifting the trophy exceed 99.7%. Another goal is to achieve the record score of the Serie B edition – in 2008, Corinthians closed the tournament with 85 points.

Cruzeiro fans celebrate in Mineiro against Vasco

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