Paolo Ander celebrates Cruzeiro’s rescue and plans to fight for titles

Photo: Tiago Mattar/EM/DA Press

Paulo Ander gave his first interview since taking over the management of Cruzeiro

The director of strategy of Sociedade Anima de Futebol (SAF) do Cruzeiro and Ronaldo’s right-hand man, former player Paulo Ander, gave, on Wednesday (21), his first interview since taking office, still at the beginning of the season.

This Wednesday (21), after Cruzeiro’s 3-0 win over Vasco and promotion to Serie A, the manager praised the club’s rescue after three years in the second division. Paulo Ander also projected, “after a long time”, Raposa’s return to the leading role of national and South American football.

“A special evening for everything he represents for the fan, for the club, saving his values, his history, putting Cruzeiro in his rightful place,” he said. “We just have to thank the fans for embracing this cause throughout the year,” he added.

Despite the flawless campaign and early seven-round approach, Cruzeiro will face new challenges starting next season. Even with a much bigger budget for 2022, the celestial club will have to rebuild the squad to have a competitive Serie A team.

“The first step has been taken. This is only the first step. We still have a lot of work to do to bring Cruzeiro to where he deserves, to fight for South American and Brazilian titles. We have a lot of ground ahead of us to achieve that.”, Paulo Ender concluded.

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