Noisa Galati Gymnasium hosts…

The Neusa Galetti gym hosts on the weekend of September 24 and 25, basketball and volleyball games from the SELJ Marília (Municipal Secretary for Sports, Leisure and Youth) teams.

On Saturday, the 24th, the under-20 round of the Central West Paulista Basketball League (LBC) takes place, featuring the basketball teams SELJ Marília, Assis and Araçatuba.
At 9 am, Marilia’s team, led by coach Gabriela Regza Gimenez, holds the first game in the circuit and faces Assisi’s team.

The second departure of the day takes place at 12:00, between Assis and Aretsova.

Completing the circle, at 15:00, the basketball SELJ Marília returns to the court this time to face Arecetova.

On Sunday, the 25th, it is the turn of Noisa Galati Gymnasium to host a handball round. There will be seven valid matches for the 5th Cup of Marilia in handball, adult category, women and men.

The MAC/SELJ/AAHM team, under the command of coach Luis Fernando, will be on the field in both categories, women and men, both against the AABB/SEMEL/FIB/Bauru from Bauru. At 11:00 the women’s team match takes place and immediately after, at 12:00, it’s the turn of the men’s team.

Watch the full round of handball:
9:00 am – Rio Preto x Medicine Marília (Women)
10:00 – Rio Preto x Medicine Marília (male)
11:00 – MAC/SELJ/AAHM x AABB/SEMEL/FIB/Bauru (Women)
12:00 – MAC/SELJ/AAHM x AABB/SEMEL/FIB/Bauru (male)
13 hours – D#3 – FECOP x UNIMAR handball (women)
14:00 – D#3 – FECOP x UNIMAR Handball (male)
15:00 – Hand Futuro/Lucélia City Hall x Unesp Botucatu (Women)

All games are open to the public interested in following the gym.

Photographs: Christian Cabrini

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