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One of the latest additions to Netflix streaming, Narco-Santos (Narco-saints) is a great success, and this is how we separate the ending that was explained to you who missed some detail.

Synopsis: In ‘Narco-Santos’, an ordinary businessman joins a secret government mission to capture a Korean drug lord operating in South America. Based on real events

From director Yoon Jong-bin. Starring Ha Jung-woo, Hwang Jung-min, Park Hae-so, Jo Woo-jin and Yoo Yeon-seok, and features a special appearance by Chang Chen.

Narco-Santos – The ending is explained

The initial plan for the entire drug shipment was for Kang to take John Vitus’ drugs to Puerto Rico where the NIS and DEA would be waiting for them. Here they will announce that Jeon was trying to smuggle drugs through American territory and then arrest the man in Suriname while Kang is safely returned to South Korea.

However, with so many troubling events occurring in the past, John fears such an outcome, and at the last minute, he decides to send another person to Puerto Rico with the drugs, leaving Kang with him as a possible hostage instead. if needed.

The plane arrives in Puerto Rico, and the DEA takes over the situation. While it was feared that Jaune was not sending cocaine, those fears were allayed when the drug was found in the cargo, and authorities were now on their way to Suriname to arrest them. Meanwhile, both Jaune and Kang were desperately waiting for news, and Jaune kept trying to contact the delivery man.

This man, a young and loyal follower of Jaune’s cult, managed to send a cryptic message to Jaune while he was in detention, and it made it clear to Jaune that something was wrong. He takes Kang hostage, but the man is saved in time by Byun Ki and then the approaching DEA troops. Jaune tries to escape into the dense Suriname forests, which were almost like a safe haven for him now, but Kang, Choi, and the rest of the DEA team arrive just in time to stop him and stop Jaune Yoo-hwan once and for all. Everything.

As the teams celebrate their success, both Byun Ki and Kang return to their homeland of South Korea. Kang returns to his home in Dongducheon and reunites with his wife and two children. Six months passed, and Kang restarted his garage business, repairing cars and selling parts, as the money he was promised in the shekel still hadn’t arrived.

One day, Choi comes to meet him and tells him that although the Shekel could not directly transfer such a large sum of money to Kang, they were willing to give Kang two popular karaoke bars for free. Kang could therefore run the bars, just as he used to do before he went to Suriname, and earn himself large profits, but the man rejects the idea. He does not agree with returning to the routine of being away from his family to earn money all the time and now seems more satisfied with the small amounts he earns from his garage and the restaurant his wife opened.

Choi seems to understand him, and he tells him how John, who was now in prison, said that his prized possessions were still with Kang. Kang remembers how John gave him a ball with autographs from supposed baseball stars everywhere, and he always thought the autographs were fake. However, it now appears that they were real, and Kang wonders how much money he will make from selling this pill when “Narco-Santos” comes to an end.

To earn huge sums of money and continue a life of comfort, Kang In-gu left South Korea for the first time, but in the process he had to endure an unimaginable series of events as a businessman.

Working on an undercover operation with the shekel was quite a business, but Kang still wanted money from it, because such exciting experiences really did not pay off for financial needs. But not only did he not receive the promised money, he was also never able to prove that he worked with the shekel, because the agency could not approve such secret missions.

During his stay in Suriname, Kang missed spending time with his family and also feared a similar outcome to that of his friend Ongsu, that his family would never see him again. Kang remembered his friend just like he remembered his own family, how he made sure that some of the money he earned was sent to his and Eungsoo’s family.

Finally, in the end, it’s the moment with his loving family that Kang cherishes the most, and he wouldn’t want to miss out on seeing his children grow up for any amount of money in the world.

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Finally, Narco-Santos is available, only on Netflix.

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