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French general Napoleon Bonaparte in an illustration from the 19th century (photo: powerofforever/Getty Images)

The history of humanity is marked by wars and the role of generals was decisive in the path of victory or defeat. But do you know who was the greatest military strategist of all time? Curious about this issue, Eitan Arsht, a candidate for a master’s degree in applied computational science in public policy, used the data to evaluate the skills of these commanders, reports the Business Insider portal.

Inspired by a mathematical calculation used in baseball, Arsht adopted a system called Wins Above Replacement (WAR), which is often used to evaluate a baseball player’s contributions to his team. The WAR calculates the total wins added or subtracted by the athlete compared to another athlete at replacement level.

In the case of generals, Arsht compared the number of victories of one commander to another under the same circumstances. He compiled Wikipedia data from 3,580 battles and 6,619 generals, their strengths ranked and their numerical advantage or disadvantage weighted to reflect tactical skill.

The author adopted the war to evaluate the contributions of a given military strategist above or below the average general. Your model provides an estimate of the performance of an average general under all circumstances.

Although he managed to reach an interesting result, Ersht emphasizes that his work is an entertaining thought experiment, not a definitive classification or an academic contribution to the field of military history.

Check out the list of the 10 greatest generals in history below:

1. Napoleon Bonaparte – France

War 16,703
Battles: 43
War to battle: 0.388

2. Julius Caesar – the Roman Empire

War: 7,365
Battles: 17
War to battles: 0.433

3. The Duke of Wellington – Great Britain

War: 7,133
Battles: 18
War to battles: 0.396

4. Takeda Shingen – Japan

War: 6,091
Battles: 18
War to battles: 0.338

5. Khalid Ibn al-Walid – Saudi Arabia

War: 5,633
Battles: 14
War to battles: 0.402

6. Anibal Barça – Tunisia

War: 5,489
Battles: 17
War to battles: 0.323

7. Ulysses S. Grant – United States

War: 5,023
Battles: 16
War to battles: 0.314

8. Frederick the Great – Prussia

War: 4,662
Battles: 14
War to battles: 0.333

9. Georgi Zhukov – Soviet Union

War: 4,596
Battles: 10
War to battles: 0.460

10. Alexander the Great – Macedonia

War: 4,376
Battles: 9
War to battles: 0.486

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