Mbappé may be in trouble with KFC after refusing to be photographed

Striker Kylian Mbappe refused to participate in the filming of the French national team, but who did not like the attitude of the star was the fast food chain KFC. The company’s vice president in France, Alain Barel, did not rule out legal action in case of a similar expensive affair.

The manager informed the “Sport Business Club” website that the company is studying legal steps in the event of a refusal to participate in sponsorship obligations of the French national team. However, he did not specify whether the measure would be for PSG athletes or the entity responsible for French football.

“We are paying for something. If necessary, we will demand our rights,” said Alan Barel.

Unsatisfied with problems related to image rights, Mbappé refused to participate in the photo shoot of the French national team yesterday (20).

In an official message sent to the French news agency, “Kilian Mbappe and his representatives are very sorry that an agreement could not be reached before the World Cup.”

With Mbappé, the French national team will play two matches in the group stage of the Nations League on this FIFA date. Tomorrow (22), Austria will be the opponent. This Sunday (25), the French face Denmark.

understand the case

Mbappé’s tension with the French Football Federation (FFF) over image rights begins in March this year. At the time, the striker refused to participate in the event organized by the sponsors of the French national team.

According to the newspaper “L’Équipe”, one of the reasons why Mbappé came into conflict with the FFF was the fact that the player wanted to choose which events and sponsors he wanted to be associated with. He also believes that some players use their image more than others.

Mbappé’s agents tried to contact the FFF so that the image rights agreement could be re-executed (the current image rights agreement means that athletes have to participate in actions involving selection, regardless of their will), but the entity announced that nothing would change. Until the World Cup, which will take place between November and December.

In a statement, the FFF announced that it had reached an agreement to improve the image rights of the players of the French national team.

“After several talks in the presence of the captains of the French national team, the president, the coach and the director of marketing, the French Football Federation has committed to examine, in the short term, the contract inherent in the right to the image that binds players of the French national team. The FFF joins the idea of ​​working on a new agreement that guarantees its interests while Taking into account the legitimate concerns and convictions expressed only by his players,” he announced.

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