Marcos Braz denies Joao Gomes offers

Present at the CBF headquarters, in Rio de Janeiro, for the draw for the field orders for the Copa do Brasil final, Flamengo’s vice president of football, Marcos Braz, denied that the club had received any offer from midfielder Joao. Gomes, who recently renewed with Rubro-Negro until the end of 2027. The manager, however, did not rule out negotiations in the 2023 transfer window.

“There was no offer for Joao Gomes, there was no consultation for him. So, it’s a lot of lies that have been spread about Joao Gomes since the beginning of these renewal issues. But if you ask me if next year, in the middle of the year, I think there will be something, I I will say: ‘I think’. Because of the player’s size, for what he has become, for being a player, today, the starter of Flamengo. About this player, but there is nothing. We are very happy and I am sure he is very happy with the board of Flamengo,” he declared braz

The manager also denied any kind of problem during the renewal with the player, naturally referring to the negotiations to protect the interests of the club.

“They said there was discomfort, a problem in the relationship. The relationship with Joao Gomes was always the best possible, speaking personally and vice president of the football department. He is the last to leave, a committed player, he does not leave the field with a source… nothing, absolutely nothing. We always had a good relationship,” he said, adding:

“Flamengo understood that they had to take a position on this matter. And we reached a consensus. We gave a readjustment of wages, we protected Flamengo. I understand the situation of the fans, I understand the criticism, but they [torcedores], sometimes, they don’t have the full information to make the decision, to position themselves. So what did we want? The certainty of a five-year contract, fully protecting Flamengo, and then, yes, also building a good wage increase for the Flamengo holder. That’s what happened. Flamengo is very happy with Joao Gomes, Joao Gomes is very happy with Flamengo, and most importantly: his head is focused on Brazil.”

In the draw for the Copa do Brasil final, it was decided that the first match between Flamengo and Corinthians will take place at Neo Química Arena (SP), on October 12, and the second at Maracanã (RJ), on October 19.

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