Kyrie Irving is sending a message to the Celtics next season

Brooklyn Nets point guard in the NBA, Kyrie Irving was candid about the Boston Celtics and the desire to rejoin the team; The New York franchise was eliminated in the last playoffs

Kyrie Irvingowners of NBA fur Brooklyn Netsbroke the silence on Boston Celtics and designed the confrontation of revenge against rivals. In last season’s playoffs, the New York team did not breathe at all and was eliminated in the first round of the “knockout” stage in a sweeping 4-0 series.

“I think it was written to happen like this, first of all. It’s a defeat that will definitely serve as motivation for everyone.”Reflect on the star during the live stream on Twitch. “And I feel like we needed that experience to be more humble, especially against Boston. That was the kind of matchup we had to go through.”

Furthermore, Irving stated that he intended to make Massachusetts’ opponents pay in kind: “We’ll meet Boston one more time when they’re on their way to the top. They’ll be there, so we’ll still challenge them.”. Despite the victory over networksO Celtics defeated by warriors In the grand final 2021/2022, he is satisfied with the prize of the winner of the Eastern Conference.

Complicated past

the player Jason Tatum, of the Boston Celtics, was candid about Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving, his former teammate. The pivot’s statements appeared at a press conference held last April, and referred to the behavior of the athlete from Melbourne when he was still playing for the Celtic team.

Jayson Tatum and Kyrie Irving at the Celtics vs. Nets game in the NBA
Celtics vs. Nets, in the last NBA playoffs (Credit: Getty Images)

“Obviously we talked and there are some things he probably would have done differently”found out “But I think that’s just part of life. Nobody’s perfect, and you just have to move on as you get older.”. Irving served just two seasons in Massachusetts before arriving in New York as a free agent in 2019.

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