Kalil admits he spoke with Cruzeiro for Miniero: “No more Minas Arena”

Photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA Press

Alexander Kalil is nominated for the government of Minas Gerais by the PSD

The candidate for Minas Gerais government, the former mayor of Belo Horizonte, Alexandre Kalil (PSD), agreed with Governor Romeo Zema (Novo), his main competitor, about Miniero’s gesture. Both are looking at the possibility of terminating the contract with Minas Arena, the franchisee responsible for managing the stadium until 2037.

“Enough with Minas Arena. You have to remove it. Enough of that. Did the governor say that? So Zema is right. You have to remove Minas Arena from the conversation. Bring it to the government, see if Cruzeiro is interested. It’s in the public interest. But you can make a deal. There’s nothing big, there’s no scandal,” Kalil told the newspaper EM podcast interview.

This is stipulated in Law No. 8,987, which deals with public concessions, but will require the government to indemnify Minas Arena. According to Mercato, the estimated value will be 400 million US dollars.

“This is a good way (according to Cruzeiro). To solve it, define it, get it off the back of the state. Cruzeiro pays and buys the stadium for him,” Kalil estimated.

“The stadium is not in the country today. Minas Arena. Open a deal for Cruzeiro to buy, because you don’t think that Minas Arena will give up 7, 8, 10, 20 million a year to give to someone, do you?” , added the former president of Atltico.

Since 2013, the state has already paid Minas Arena $1.054 billion as compensation for investments in the rehabilitation and management of Mineiro. By the end of the franchise contract, with a total duration of 27 years, more than 800 million barrels are expected to be passed. The debt is updated according to the Slick rate.

“What the government can’t pay for Minas Arena is for it to investigate Atlético and Cruzeiro. I know the Mineiro model. It’s terrible. If Mineiro is abandoned and turns into a forest, the state will have to pay millions every month to those guys. You have to find a good solution. It goes through Atlético , America and Cruzeiro. Miner remains. I don’t see drama in the speech,” he said.

Most interested cruise in Miniero

The end of the contract between the state government and Minas Arena will be an opportunity, for example, for Sociedade Anima do Futebol (SAF) do Cruzeiro, under the management of Ronaldo Panamano, to become a candidate to take over Mineiro in a new bidding process. .

But the action is complex. The majority partner in SAF Cruzeirense will have to bring together investors to create a new consortium capable of meeting the country’s requirements.

This new consortium, which will eventually consist of Cruzeiro SAF, will have to pay, right from the start, a grant of US$ 400 million. With this amount the government intends to compensate Minas Arena in advance to break the current relationship.

Country talk with Ronaldo

On June 15 of this year, Ronaldo met with Zema and Secretary Fernando Mercato at the headquarters of BDMG, in Belo Horizonte, and addressed exactly this issue. At the time, the former 9 shirt said the conversation was “very positive”.
“The conversation was very good. Mineiro was not on the agenda, but it turned out in the end. The conversation was very good. I can say we have a lot to do ahead of us,” Ronaldo said.

Mines Arena

At the beginning of the month, Minas Arena responded to the issue. In a letter sent to Mercato, to which Supersports had access, the franchisee expressed ‘great surprise and concern’ at the possibility that the state would violate Miniero’s franchise contract.

“The issue of the takeover was never raised with Minas Arena, despite the cooperative approach and the good communication channel established by the franchisee with representatives of the state of Minas Gerais,” said Minas Arena.

“The unprecedented statement made by you caused great surprise and concern. That the State of Minas Gerais could take over the contract next year (2023), so that it could be the subject of a new submission procedure, even though the concessionaire has met its contractual obligations and even though the concession is not even in the middle yet. Deadline “, he added.

Looked for this Tuesday, Minas Arena warned that it would not comment on Kalil’s statements.

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