Jessica Alves, from Minas Brasilia, comments on the team’s use of Candangão Feminino – 21/09/2022

Even with only three rounds remaining in the Candango Feminino Championship, a competition between Brasilia’s soccer teams, it is already hotly contested! In the tournament, which started at the beginning of September, there are already three teams fighting for first place and the fans see Real Brasilia, Minas Brasilia and Crespom separated only by a goal difference. Jessica Alves, the midfielder of Minas emphasizes the importance of collectives in the search for the top of the table, and is excited for the season that has already started busy.

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– We are certainly happy when we score goals, but one’s goal is another’s victory and vice versa. Our individual results are also collective. I think that’s what makes our team. I am very fascinated by the unification of the national team, on and off the field. I am very happy here! – announced Jessica Alves.

Jessica is a former Gremio athlete, and arrived at Minas Brasilia at the beginning of 2022. Today, the athlete is a member of the team and one of the highlights of the Minas team. The number 10 shirt of Minas has already scored two goals in the competition.

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With 100% success so far, Minas Brasilia collects three excellent results in Candangao. The 11-0 victories against Soberdinho, 7-0 against Capital and 2-0 against Silandia secured the second place for the team, which will return to play this coming Saturday (24), at 15:30 (Brazil time), against the little star. .

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