Injuries are causing the former Atletico midfielder to consider retirement at the age of 28

On October 3, midfielder Gustavo Blanco will turn 28, the age when soccer players are usually at the peak of their career. But for Gustavo Blanco this peak is very far and perhaps unreachable. Battling a series of serious injuries, the midfielder, who has a contract with Atlético-MG and is currently on loan to Vitoria, does not rule out retirement at the end of the season, as UOL Esporte.

Unable to play regularly since 2018, when he first seriously injured his left knee, Gustavo Blanco regards retirement at the end of his contract with Atletico as a real possibility. O UOL Talked to people close to the athlete and also to those who lived with him in recent seasons, when he was loaned to Goyas, Fortaleza and Londrina, before being assigned to Vitoria. In total, since the first surgery, Blanco has played only 17 games.

The left knee was operated on twice, in 2018 and 2019, the second after a sprain during training in Ciudad do Gallo. At that moment, Blanco had already recovered from his first surgery and even entered Atlético in the Copa Libertadores that year, wearing shirt number 25. Also in 2019, the midfielder also underwent surgery on his right knee.

Gustavo Blanco played six games for Fortaleza during the 2021 season

Photo: Leonardo Moreira/Fortaleza EC

The return to the pitch took place in 2020, but Gustavo Blanco was never able to resume the level of presentation he had in the 36 times he played for Atlético, between 2017 and 2018. Outside the plans of coach Jorge Sampaoli, the midfielder was transferred to Goyas. His time at Esmeraldino was discreet and short, with only five games, only one for 90 minutes on the pitch. In fact, the defeat to Sao Paulo, 3-0, on 12/3/2020, in the 23rd round of Brasilia, was the only time the athlete played a full game in the last four years.

For Fortaleza, there were only six games, three for Cearense and three for the Northeast Cup, all last season. In 2022 there were six matches, all for Londrina, during the Campeonato Paranaense. At Vitoria since March, Gustavo Blanco has yet to get on the pitch. Born in Salvador, the actor even assured during his presentation that he is fine to play.

Gustavo Blanco during training Vitória - Pietro Carpi / EC Vitória - Pietro Carpi / EC Vitória

Gustavo Blanco during Vitoria training

Photo: Pietro Carpi / EC Vitória

“It was a very difficult moment in my career. I had a series of injuries that bothered me a lot. Unfortunately I was stopped for a long time and it was difficult. But now I’m 100% and it’s behind me. I’m definitely doing very well. And I came to Vitoria to play a series of games and help For the team to climb to Serie B,” said Blanco during his introduction as a Vitoria player, on March 29.

But a few days later, on April 11, the actor suffered a severe muscle injury in his left thigh. Gustavo Blanco has yet to play for Vitoria. After more than four months in the medical department, the midfielder signed up for a duel with ABC, for the 3rd round of the second stage, in Baradao, in early September. This is the only time the player’s name appears on Vitoria’s score sheet, but shirt 18 did not enter the game which ended in a 0-0 draw.

This weekend, Leo visits already relegated Paysandu, in Belem, and depends only on victory to secure access to Serie B, but Gustavo Blanco will not sign up, as he has suffered a new left thigh injury and has no prognosis. .

As the contract with Atlético ends in December, Gustavo Blanco has already informed those close to him that he is considering retiring at the end of the season. But the decision will be made, or another announcement, only after the end of the relationship with Gallo.

102 games and 2 goals

Gustavo Blanco in action for Atlético-MG Brasilia 2018 - Bruno Cantini/Club Atlético Minieiro - Bruno Cantini/Club Atlético Minieiro

Gustavo Blanco in action for Atlético-MG Brasilia 2018

Photo: Bruno Cantini/Atletico Miniero Club

During Atlético-MG’s time in the first 12 rounds of the Campeonato Brasileiro 2018, Gustavo Blanco was on loan to the Minas Gerais club, who in May of that year paid R$ 1.3 million to Bahia, the club that established the relationship, to acquire 70% of the athlete’s rights. Gallo’s highlight of that good start for Brasilia, the team coached by Thiago Largy and top scorer Roger Goodes was in the runner-up position in the competition until the contentious suspension of the World Cup held in Russia. . Blanco signed a contract until December 2022.

But it was just six games for Atlético after being bought from Bahia. In total, with the white shirt, Blanco played 36 games and scored one goal. One of two goals he scored in his entire career. The second, the first, was with the tricolor shirt, in 2015, in his first season as a professional player.

In nine years as a professional player, Gustavo Blanco played only 102 games and scored twice. The midfielder played for Bahia (30), América-MG (19), Atlético-MG (36), Goias (5), Fortaleza (6) and Londrina (6), a total of 102 games.

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