In the search for theft perpetrators, two men are arrested for illegally carrying weapons in Wattel Yeshivashi Park, in Presidente Prudente | President Prudente and the region

Two men, 33 and 34 years old, were arrested in the act, this Thursday (15), for illegally carrying weapons in Park Vetel Ishibashi, in Presidente Prudente (SP). In addition to the guns, the police also seized a baseball bat belonging to one of the people involved.

According to information in the incident bulletin, in the early hours of this Thursday (15) a clothing store, located in Jardim Panorama and owned by the 33-year-old involved, was stolen. When he checked the security camera footage of the place, the boy met with four other men and “went out to look for the suspects” in the theft, based on the photos of the vehicle used in the crime.

Also, according to the document, about 200 shirts and tank tops were taken from the stolen factory, a loss of about 10,000 US dollars.

Those involved drove a car along Masharu Akki Avenue looking for the perpetrators of the theft and after passing by the military police car more than once, the agents decided to approach.

During the search, the prime minister was located and caught Two .32 caliber pistols, ammunition and a baseball bat.

The two men, who were in possession of firearms, were arrested in flagrante delicto for illegal possession and taken to the Civil Police Station, where bail was granted in the amount of US$1,500 each.

Both paid the bail and according to the civil police will respond to the process freely.

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