How Baseball Works: Understand the history and rules of the sport

One of the most popular sports in the United States, baseball has won and is gaining supporters in all corners of the world. There are even indications that this sport began during the Middle Ages in Europe, where, years later, it was taken by Europeans to the American colonies, around the 16th century.

As in the past there was not the sophistication we have today, games were played with improvised bats and balls. In the English colonies, the sport of the day was cricket, and a few years later an English game called rounders appeared, which, for many, resembles baseball as we know it today.

In Brazil, baseball is not one of the most popular or sought after sports by people who want to learn sports. We must admit that in the country of football it is difficult to compete in popularity and taste with the sport that comes from England and that it has always been a national preference.

Because of its simple rules, soccer ultimately contrasts with baseball, which, being a game full of details, can intimidate more than attract. However, this whole theory falls apart when we start to understand what is behind the sport and start looking at it with different eyes, without judgments or comparisons.

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Let’s understand how baseball rules work.


There are some differences regarding the place and time of the sport’s appearance in the world. Some claim that it is of English origin and was already practiced in the 18th century. Others think it comes from New York and dates from 1840.

In the old days, in England, there was a similar game called rounders (a ball and bat sport) and it improved later and led to what we know today as baseball. This method became popular in the United States and Central America when the British began to arrive in the colonized countries and brought their sport and knowledge.

Years later, at the beginning of the 20th century, the practice of sports was observed in São Paulo in 1936, where the first baseball championship in Brazil was held. Britons and Americans who came to live and work in Israel also brought all the experience of the sport.

Another historical curiosity is that baseball is known as the sport of the Japanese, due to the fact that these eastern nations came to Brazil from the immigration that took place in the 20th century. It is a fact that many Japanese players and their descendants practice sports as professional players in Israel. .

Now, if you want to know which team has won the most Olympic titles with baseball, the answer is Cuba! The winner of the games in Barcelona, ​​Atlanta and Athens (1992, 1996 and 2004, respectively), the Cuban team is ahead of even the Americans, with only one title (the year 2000, in Sydney).

The main sporting competition involving baseball is Major League Baseball (MLB), which takes place in the United States and Canada, with teams from both countries participating. In total, there are 2 teams from Canada and 26 from the USA. This competition has been held since 1903, and the final is called the World Series (note the importance given to the championship). One of the teams that won the championship in these disputes was the Boston Red Sox (the first team to win the championship, in -1916).

Baseball and its rules

Many may find the rules of baseball a bit confusing. In principle, what should be taken into account is that it is a very fast game, where the players are constantly moving across the field.

Launches and ball hits and the basis of attack and defense are the main features of the mod.

And how do you defend and conquer the bases of each group? Well, a game starts when the ball is thrown by the defense, and the opposing team’s batter uses the wooden bat to try to hit it.

When the ball is hit, the bases are not protected, and that is why someone from the opposing team has to step on the base with the ball in their hands, as long as that base is empty and not occupied by someone from the attacking team.

And what will be the goal of the game? Score more points than the opposing team, that is, the player who hits the ball has to pass the 4 bases without being disqualified. It works more or less like this.

A baseball team consisting of 9 players on the field, divided between pitchers and shortstops, in addition to defensive players. There are 9 rounds (called innings) in the game and each team has a chance to commit the offense once. And a baseball game can last more than an hour, even three hours. That is, the game ends when the 9 rounds are over.

The baseball field is shaped like a diamond (or diamond) and the length of the radius is about 109 meters.

Let’s quote here something related to the vocabulary and the names of the players and their positions in baseball, so that it will be even clearer for you to understand the functions of each of them:

  • Pitcher: the pitcher, the one who throws the ball;
  • Catcher: The player responsible for guiding the pitcher;
  • Batter: The player responsible for striking or hitting the ball thrown by the pitcher.

Shortly after the ball is hit, the batter runs through all the bases, thus completing an inning and scoring a run.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about the rules, it’s much easier to understand.

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