Gremio scares off a crisis, wins the sport and takes second place in Serie B

Grêmio stunned the crisis and easily passed through Sport. Today (20), Tricolor won 3-0, with goals from Beatlo, Bill and Lucas Leiva, at the Arena, for the 31st round of Serie B. The result opens a consistent gap for those who are outside the access zone to the elite of the Brasileiro and makes Renato Gaucho’s team jump to the spot The second.

With 53 points, Gremio forgot the stumble against Novorizontino, the boos that echoed at the end of the first half and became the runner-up, leaving Bahia behind. Staying there will depend on the result of the Bahians, who play on Saturday (24), against Operario. In relation to Londrina, fifth place and first outside the zone of access to Serie A, the difference is eight points. The team from Perna is still playing in this cycle, Friday (23), against Punta Preta.

Sport stopped with 43 points, in sixth place, and could see the G4 even further. The distance to fourth place, currently Vasco, could be eight points at the end of the round.

Gremio’s next engagement will be against Sampaio Correa, on the 30th. Sport on the 28th, against Nautico.

It went well: Bill is a Grêmio weapon

In addition to scoring the first goal of the game, Bill was always instrumental in creating plays and imbalances in the defense of the sport.

Forgiveness: Our grandfather gives profits

Defender Sabino missed Gremio’s second goal. In addition, he gave gains in other moments of the game.

From boos to applause

Stuck in the marking of the sport, Gremio created little and left the first half in contempt. But the conversation with Renato Gaucho in the dressing rooms was enough for the team to change its behavior in the last stage. Soon the goals arrived which calmed the atmosphere and turned the charge into a celebration.

Thiago Santos is becoming a starter in a hurry

Tacciano, one of Gremio’s recent highlights, suffered a muscle injury in his left thigh and was unable to compete against sports. The chosen to take a place in the midfield was Thiago Santos. The midfielder changed the movement of the sector, freeing Lucas Leiva to reach more than an attack and turning Vitelo into a midfielder. When the ball is rolling, Thiago played his defensive role and did not appear very offensive.

Gremio’s game: chances and arrivals

Grêmio were not a creative team, but they came into attack a few times with the possibility to score. At the feet of Bale and Guilherme, some dribbles did not match the opponent’s defense and provided dangerous balls. The best chance of the first half was a strike outside the area where the ball would have entered, if Raphael Thierry had not moved from the front of the line. In the second half Gremio again created opportunities, and this time they tried to build the victory calmly.

Sports game: passing mistakes and the ‘old’ defender

Sports played a very acceptable collective game. In the first half, they managed to defend themselves with quality and prevent their opponents from forcing their pace in the home game. But with the ball at their feet, Claudini Oliveira’s team fouled out a lot. When he was able to get to the attack, he missed simple passes or completed long distances. Wagner Love ended up getting stuck marking much of the game and the attacks came mainly from the movements of Juba and Giovani. But in the final stage, the defensive sector is ‘old’. The North East team gave a lot of space and were leaked again and again with ease.

Punishment in STJD

Hours before the game, Gremio learned of the sentence set forth in the STJD verdict. Due to the general fight that took place in the stands of the Arena in the confrontation with Cruzeiro last month, the Gaucho team lost three field commands and was fined 100 thousand US dollars. If you can not change the decision, this was the last game of the Tricolor Arena in this edition of the series B – They are still against CSA, Bahia and Brusk as a home team. The scenario can be changed by the suspension effect.

Information Form:

competition: Round 31 in Serie B
date: 20/09/2022 (Tuesday)
Place: Arena do Gremio, in Porto Alegre (RS)
judge: Luiz Flavio de Oliveira (SP)
Auxiliary factors: Daniel Luis Marquez and Avandro de Mello Lima (both from SP)
VAR: Pablo Ramon Goncalves Pinheiro (RN)
Yellow cards: Thiago Santos, Adilson, Lucas Leiva, Diego Barbosa, Bruno Alves (GRE); Sander (SPO)
goals: Biel, from Grêmio, 5 minutes into the second half; Lucas Leiva, from Garmio, in the 13th minute of the second half; Canceled, by his fault, in the 27th minute of the second half;

guild: Brno; Adilson (Rodrigo Ferreira), Jerumel, Bruno Alves and Diego Barbosa; Lucas Leiva (Lucas Silva), Thiago Santos and Beatlo (Alekson); Bill (Pedro Lucas), Guilherme (Jonata Robert) and Diego Sousa. technician: Renato Gaucho

sport: borrowed; Eduardo, Rafael Thierry (Fabio Almao), Sabino and Sander (Wanderson); Ronaldo (Dener), Fabinho and Giovanni (Lavenderia), Luciano Juba, Wagner Love (Thiago Lopes) and Gustavo Coutinho. technician: Claudini Oliveira

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