Game of the year for Sao Paulo, the final defines the planning for 2023

Ten years after being Copa Sudamericana champion, Sao Paulo has a chance to win the continental tournament again. In common with the team that lifted the trophy in 2012, the Tricolor has Rogerio Seni. A goalkeeper in the first title, the current coach is a key part of the club to win the Sudamericana.

Under the pressure that spared players in the Brazilian Championship to have the most rested athletes to use in the knockout competitions, Sinai proved his strategy correct. Thus, in the face of a series of injuries, which caused the club’s performance to drop in July (in nine games, three wins, two losses and four draws), to suspensions due to expulsions in the knockout tournaments, Rogerio returned Sao Paulo to its first championship. final.

Although it has budgeted to reach the finals of the competition, Sao Paulo needs to be champion to be able to plan a more peaceful plan in 2023. Lifting the trophy on October 1, in the city of Córdoba, Argentina, means being sure, for example, that the coach will be in charge of the team next year.

Sao Paulo and Rogerio agreed to renew the contract in July this year. The new contract is valid until 2023. But the coach has repeatedly placed the South American title as a decisive factor in his tenure.

“I need to be champion to continue. I am driven by conquests. We went to Fortaleza to be champion. We went to Flamengo to be champion. Sodaamericana is a great opportunity to be champion,” said Sani, who continued. “With the title, we’re going to help the club in different situations, and then we’ll see if it continues or not. It’s not the club, I’m treated very well,” the Sao Paulo coach lied.

As well as winning their first international title in ten years, beating Independiente del Valle-EQU in the South American final would mean a return to the Libertadores, a competition Sao Paulo has not won since 2005.

“It just marks who wins. I need the victory, the club needs the victory, it needs this planning. I don’t know if the club is ready to return to the Libertadores, to compete. We need the title, and then we’ll see if we’re ready to put together a team. I need some players with other characteristics,” he said.

“another level”

The planning for 2023 indicates a change in the staff profile, with the possibility of the arrival of sprinters, which adds to the team the speed that Sani has been asking for since he arrived at the club.

“The game asks, when you make a game change, that the player who receives the ball has a one-on-one to make the difference. Our game is very constructive inside and I am very grateful. Those players who make the difference individually, our game is very collective. Such players are precious, It’s not easy to find,” Sani explained.

The South American champion will take home, totaling all prizes for the stage, US$7.8 million (US$40 million). The runner-up gets $4.8 million (US$25 million). In addition, Sao Paulo wants to reduce its payroll to allow the hiring of sprinters.

A dangerous opponent for the title

The Ecuadorian club has grown a lot in the international scene in recent years. He was runner-up in the Libertadores in 2016 and won the Sodaamericana in 2019. And he won praise from me.

“The opposing team is damn good, have you ever seen Independiente del Valle play? A very good team. They don’t have the same history as Sao Paulo, they don’t have the same greatness as Sao Paulo, the same fans as Sao Paulo. Paulo, the stadium of Sao Paulo, But this is a good, well-organized team,” he concluded.

to go back to work

After the 2-0 victory over Chara, away from home, for the Brazilian championship, the Sao Paulo team got two days off. The players return to training this Wednesday (21). The team begins to prepare for the game against Hawaii, on Sunday (25), the last one before Tricolor will travel to Córdoba, where they will face Independiente del Valle.

With 34 points, Sao Paulo moved slightly away from the Brazilian’s relegation zone. A win over Santa Caterina, in Murrumbi, means a more relaxed approach to the South American final, with a less hectic build-up to the team’s main game this year.

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