Friburguense Fábio Freitas has been called up to the national basketball team

One of the names that made – and continues to make – history in Nova Friborg basketball, Fabio Freitas will have the opportunity to once again represent Brazil in a competition in style. Pavao, as we know, has been invited to join the Brazilian team that will play, in 2023, on a yet to be determined date, the 16th edition of the Mexican Basketball Championship. The competition will take place in the city of Mar de Plata in Argentina.

The tournament has been promoted by the International Masters Basketball Federation (Fimba) since 1969, and in addition to Argentina, it has already toured venues in several countries. Fabio de Abreu Freitas, known as Pavao, is from Freiburg, and at the age of 58 he has always used his two meters and four centimeters of height to stand out in sports. As a winger, he even built a successful professional basketball career.

Today, the 55-year-old competitor in the category, Pavao has defended for many Brazilian clubs in the sport, such as Flamengo, Jacquia, Pindemonogaba, Eto, Soroka, Votofuranga, Ribeiro Preto in the state of Sao Paulo, Nautico and Macapa EC. Works in the master category of Botafogo, and participates in the Carioca basketball championship.

Since the early 2000s, the athlete has been receiving several calls to compete in international competitions, such as the World Cup held in Italy and the World Masters Basketball Championship in Costa do Saifa, Bahia, in 2016. On that occasion, Brazil finished as runner-up in the championship, defeated by Uruguay by decision.

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