FPF rejects the criticism of Arthur Elias and denies censorship – 09/22/2022

The Football Federation of Sao Paulo (FPF) published this Thursday (22) an official comment to take a position on the criticism made by Arthur Elias. On the said occasion, the Bravas coach showed dissatisfaction with the schedule of the Campeonato Paulista Feminino, which combines crucial matches for Corinthians with the agenda of Brasileiro.

The announcement took place before the duel between Alvingro and Palmeiras last Wednesday night (21), as is customary in the competition games in the country. The coach then also accused the entity, via social networks, of cutting the interview from the official broadcast.

“As already reported by several media outlets, today before the match I gave an interview to Paulista’s Federation TV at her request and it was not broadcast. Disappointing. I simply answered the reporter’s question and gave my opinion,” he said. Arthur Elias. “I dedicated many years of my life to women’s football and the censorship was unfortunate.”

The FPF, in turn, denied the act of censorship and reminded that decisions regarding competitions are up to the clubs.

“Suggestions for improvement and criticism are always taken into account, so competitions are more and more relevant to clubs, fans, media partners and sponsors. The goal is only one: to strengthen women’s football and its collective, which for decades has been looking for this space,” he said. in a statement.

“Faced with a serious accusation of censorship by Corinthians coach Arthur Elias, the FPF makes it clear that the entity is to capture all the images of the matches and interviews. Use them as they see fit. It is not up to the FPF to capture all the images of the matches and interviews. To veto or oblige any partner to present certain content,” he continued.

“All the decisions regarding the competition belong to the clubs, which define the rules in the technical council before the start of the tournament,” he added.

Faced with the calendar, the Women’s Corinthians had to adjust its roster, sending an alternate team onto the field for games against state classification rivals. Among the selected athletes are base players and reserve players of the main team. The result was three defeats and only one victory in the period, a victory over Pineda, by 2 to 0.

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