Formiga celebrates record attendance at the Brazilian Women’s Championship

Announced as part of TV Globo’s commentary team for the World Cup, Formiga celebrated attendance records being broken every week in women’s soccer. Last weekend, the first leg of the final between Internacional and Corinthians received more than 36 thousand people, the largest crowd in the history of the competition in Brazil.

The mark, on the other hand, was already achieved even before the second leg, which will take place on Saturday (24) at Neo Quimica Arena. Corinthians announced on Wednesday (21), four days before the match, that 39,000 tickets had already been sold. For Formiga, who played in all eight Women’s World Cups – she was called up for the first of them, in 1991, and remained on the Brazilian team until 2019 – the moment is historic.

“It’s been a struggle for years, and not just mine. I came to football in the nineties, but before me, there were already many women who fought for this space. True pioneers are definitely honored,” the former athlete stated, in an exclusive interview with UOL Esporte.

It makes me very happy to know that all our work was not in vain. I feel like one day all our games will be sold out. From there we will have a better structure for the country to fully embrace women’s football.”

Already 40 years of ban on women’s football in Brazil, as a journalist and columnist UOL Esporte Millie Lacombe. With this historical context, it is impossible not to celebrate every barrier that female athletes break. In this spirit, Globo presented, for the first time in its history, women who narrate and refer to the World Cup: Natalia Lara, Renata Silveira and Ana Theis Matos represented the station in Qatar.

Millie comments on the moment: “It’s a great year, the final on Saturday must be historic. I think we will have 40 thousand people – maybe even more – and a packed stadium cheering for women’s football. , this sport has to fight against countless prejudices to be able to start establishing itself. And yet , this is where the greatest player of all time came from.”

Women’s football should be compared to what it was yesterday. This is a fair association. It is she who gives the measure of how the sport is rapidly developing. Men’s football has been around for over 100 years and has never suffered any kind of ban or prejudice. Today she has millionaire awards, unlike women. Supporting women’s football, watching, cheering and going to the stadium is a gesture of trust in a good and socially fair Brazil.

The first game ended 1 to 1. Alvingro coach Arthur Elias bet on a tactical plan of three defenders, with Jacqueline and Temirs making the wings in the second line out of five. Mauricio Salgado, coach of Internacional, reflected the Colorados’ plan, and blocked the ball outside Corinthians with three strikers – which made the first half of the “Bravas” very difficult.

Corinthians are looking for their fourth title, while Gorias Coloradas are looking to lift the Brasilia Cup for the first time. Despite the advantage of Corinthians, who had a better campaign and managed to decide the championship at home, the first leg showed that the competition was open: Internazionale and Corinthians would play a tight final. It’s historic.

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