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The Salão Novara of the Football Federation of Pernambuco (FPF) received, on Thursday afternoon (22), the public hearing, held by the Arbitration Commission of the State of Pernambuco (Ceaf-PE), which defined the scale of arbitration for the weekend matches for the Campeonato. Pernambucano Series A2.

Of the 12 valid games for the second round of the initial stage of the state access division, six take place this Saturday (24) and another six, on Sunday (25). The games of groups A, B and C are scheduled for two days of the weekend, while the games of group D are all scheduled for Saturday (24).

Check out the fixture list for the second round of the first stage of the Campeonato Pernambucano Série A2, with the respective referees’ foursomes:

– Group A, 24/09 (Saturday) – 15 hours: Pesqueira x 1º de Maio, Estádio Joaquim de Brito (Pesqueira)

Referee: Bruno Santana

Assistant 1: Bruno Vieira

Assistant 2: Anderson Cascio

Fourth referee: Renan Barbosa

– Group B, 24/09 (Saturday) – 15:00: Ypiranga x Central, Otávio Limeira Alves Stadium (Santa Cruz do Capibaribe)

Referee: Rodrigo Ferreira

Assistant 1: Humberto Martinez

Assistant 2: Daniela Andrade

Fourth referee: Edibledo Batista

– Group C, 09/24 (Saturday) – 15:00: Santa Fe X Torres, Campo Morado (Igarasu)

Referee: Joao Pedro Garrido

Assistant 1: Fernando Antonio

Assistant 2: Marcilio Ferreira

Fourth referee: Maximiano Pagundes

– Group C, 09/24 (Saturday) – 15:00: Sete de Setembro x Vitória, Estadio Grito de Repubblica (Olinda)

Referee: Nayron Ferreira

Assistant 1: Jose Daniel

Assistant 2: Louise Henrique

Fourth referee: Thiago Lima

– Group D, 09/24 (Saturday) – 15:00: Timbaúba x Cabense, Paulo Viana de Queiroz Stadium (Ferreiros)

Referee: Thiago Nascimento

Assistant 1: Francisco Chavez

Assistant 2: Joao Henrique

Fourth referee: Luis Fernando

– Group D, 24/09 (Saturday) – 15:00: Ferroviario do Cabo x Atlético Pernambucano, Gileno de Carli Stadium (Cabo de Santo Agostinho)

Referee: Ralphie Ribeiro

Assistant 1: Wagner Cabral

Assistant 2: Marcos Felipe

Fourth Referee: Alexander Gliveson

– Group D, 25/09 (Sunday) – 10:00: Ipojuca x Jaguar, Estadio Gilno de Carli (Cape Santo Agostinio)

Referee: Calabar Duarte

Assistant 1: Ricardo Cianca

Assistant 2: Leonardo Salles

Fourth referee: Edibledo Batista

– Group A, 25/09 (Sunday) – 3 p.m.: Flamengo de Arquevarda x Petrolina, Aureau Bradley Stadium (Arquevarda)

Referee: Hugo Figueroa

Assistant 1: Jose Romeo

Assistant 2: Niven Almeida

Fourth Referee: Douglas Olympio

– Group A, 25/09 (Sunday) – 3:00 p.m.: Serrano vs. Saratania, Gaudensau Stadium (Itkurova)

Referee: Jose Marciano

Assistant 1: Diego Cavalcanti

Assistant 2: Priscilla Fernandez

Fourth referee: Ikaro Ideiter

– Group B, 25/09 (Sunday) – 15:00: Maguire x Porto, Arthur Tavares de Mello Stadium (Bonito)

Referee: Luciano Castro

Assistant 1: Michel Ferreira

Assistant 2: Manuel Barbosa

Fourth referee: Romario Bertolini

– Group B, 25/09 (Sunday) – 3 p.m.: Blue Jardim x Chã Grande, Joaquim de Brito Stadium (Pesqueira)

Judge: Louise Sobral

Assistant 1: Marcelino Castro

Assistant 2: Gilberto Ferreira

Fourth referee: Agnaldo Duarte

– Group C, 25/09 (Sunday) – 15:00: America x Vera Cruz, Admir Konya Stadium (Palista)

Referee: Diego Fernando

Assistant 1: Ricardo Nunes

Assistant 2: Max Aurelius

Fourth referee: Maximiano Pagundes

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