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AEW: Fight Forever There seems to be an unexpected inspiration from one of the first Pokémon Spin-off games. The first screenshots of the game showed the wrestling action you’d expect, as well as some pretty weird mini-games. It’s not something you’d expect from a wrestling game, but this twist is very reminiscent of the Nintendo 64 classic, Pokemon Stadium.

AEW: Fight Forever is the first console game released based on All Elite Wrestling. Founded in 2019, AEW has quickly become the second most popular wrestling company in the United States, behind WWE. The game has been shown through various previews and trailers, and it seems to bring more of an arcade style to the game, as opposed to the simulation approach of recent WWE games. As AEW’s first step into wrestling games, your first impression will be very important. WWE 2k22Ignored fan requests show that fans want something different, and AEW has an opportunity to deliver.

In the game pictures of fight forever, the game included several mini-games in addition to the games. These games include a baseball game where players have to swing a bat at a wrestler with a baseball to their head and a game where players have to collect poker chips that fall into the ring. However, the most obvious mini-game on display features fighters having to copy Penta El Zero M’s dance moves. These mini-games seem like a very odd choice, but not unprecedented. In fact, one of the first things that comes to mind when looking at fight foreverof baseball games and dances is the children’s club of Pokemon Stadium.

The Fight Forever minigames are reminiscent of Pokemon Stadium

Inside Pokemon Stadium And its sequel, there were secondary modes where players could play mini-games with multiple Pokemon instead of fighting. These mini-games are much fancier than the main modes, allowing players to do things like control the Lickitungs in the buffet or participate in a splash contest with Magikarps. In fact, the fight forever A minigame starring Penta mentions the Pokemon Stadium Calafieri says mini-game. These mini-games were a nice addition to the Pokemon Stadium games, offering a fun multiplayer option for up to 4 players where the battle can only be done with 2 players at a time. O Pokémon The series has a lot of mini-games, though stadium This was the first time he introduced a dedicated mode for them.

Just like they did for Pokemon StadiumAdding mini-games can be good for fight forever also. Adding more multiplayer options gives the game more playability and replay value, which worked for it Pokemon Stadium. The main concern for such a mood may be a difference in tone. Pokémon It’s a light series, despite being so combat-focused, so the mini-games fit in perfectly. Although AEW doesn’t always take itself seriously, featuring real-life fighters in these silly mini-games can be a point of contention for some. Although at the same time, with wrestling matches dominated by the WWE for so long, fight forever Needs something to stand out from, especially with WWE reports planning an RPG. These mini-games can help fight forever Find your niche.

Not sure how many mini-games fight forever There still will be, but what was introduced will give the game its own twist. As for how this will affect the game’s reception, that will have to be seen once the game launches. Whatever the case, AEW: Fight ForeverThe unexpected connection from Pokemon Stadium is one of its biggest differentiators.

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