Fans invade the field in Colombia and attack coach and players; look

The match between Courtoloa and Deportivo Cali, who played yesterday (21) for the Colombian championship, ended in strong scenes. After going through a bad phase, Cali were beaten 2-0 when fans invaded the pitch to attack the players and coach Meyer Candelo.

The images captured by Cortuluá fans show a group of people surrounding Candelo, who was punched in the head before being defended and taken off the pitch. In Colombia, the newspaper “AS” also claims that the striker Tao Gutierrez was one of the most “charged” by the invaders.

With only eight points, Deportivo Cali is in 19th place and penultimate in the Colombian Championship. Despite this, the team is not at risk of relegation, because in Colombia they use an average, which defines the relegators through an average of the last three years.

In 12 games played so far, Deportivo Cali has won only one game. In addition to the bad stage in the national tournament, the club has already been eliminated in the group stage of Libertadores, and later, in the playoffs of Sudamericana, this season.

Due to lack of security, Dimayor, who is the organizer of the local championship, decided to end the game in the 36th minute of the second half, when the invasion took place. In an official statement, Deportivo Cali spoke out and denied the action of its fans.

“Deportivo Cali strongly rejects the aggression and violence suffered by our team during the match against Courtoloa. We condemn any act of violence against our players or technical staff. We ask the government and sports authorities to intervene to prevent a tragedy in the future. Fans will experience the spectacle in peace and without violence,” the club said.

Other Colombian soccer teams such as Atlético Nacional and Junior Barranquilla have also called for peace in soccer. Cali athletes also spoke out against the attacks.

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