E-Sports at the UFU 2022 University Olympics

Athletes who don’t have to get out of the chair, are able to win the game without breaking a sweat. Such a reality is only possible thanks to games like eSports, better known as eSports, One of the methods that will be present at this year’s UFU University Olympiad.

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As far as is known, the first electronic sports competition in the world took place in 1972, in the United States, between about 20 students from a university. Standford who played the classic space war, one of the first games created for the computer. The prize for the winner of the so-called “Intergalactic Space Olympics” – although no creatures from other galaxies were observed at the event – will be a year’s subscription to the magazine. rolling stone.

But it was in 1980 thatThe Space Invaders Championship”, is officially recognized as the first competition of eSportsmanaged to collect about 10,000 players in different cities in the US. Although the main game is a production of Middle of the road gamesThe brand that will always be remembered in the historical records is Atari, the organizer of the event and a strong contributor to the popularity of video games in the world.

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taking it seriously

It is a consensus between the Olympic Committees from different countries that it is a matter of time before eSports Also incorporate the Olympic Games. Karate and baseball competitions will no longer be seen in the next edition of the event; On the other hand, the breakdancing Attracted attention at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, held in the capital of Argentina, and made its debut in Paris-2024. This year’s Asian Olympic Games, which coincide with our Pan American Games, will award medals to FIFA competitors for the first time. League of Legends, for example. Such moves could set a precedent for future inclusion of the sport, but authorities associated with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have already indicated that they are keeping an eye on games where physical exertion is added to virtual reality.

Today, about 67 million Brazilians consume some form of Play, of course most of them for leisure in their free time. For those who compete professionally, prizes of up to 24 million dollars have already been paid. It is possible that in order not to lose a significant share of a market that moves billions of dollars every year, the IOC will examine the Olympic program for the next editions.

Until then, you are our guest to learn more about eSports And Laura Justino Resenda, a Journalism student who will represent UFU, Oberlandia and Minas Gerais at this year’s Brazilian University Games (JUBs) in Brasilia. O Second episode in a series of videos from the UFU Olympics project Now available on our Instagram! Coming soon, October 14!

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