Diniz sees the impact of the exchange in the Brazilian loss 2020

Currently at Fluminense, coach Fernando Diniz was in charge of Sao Paulo from 2019 to 2021, pointing to the change in the Sao Paulo club’s board of directors as a contributing factor to the loss of the Brazilian championship title in 2020. In an interview with “Bam, Amigos”, today (19) the coach stated that there is a “disharmony” in the tricolor.

In the “prolonged” Brasileiro due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Sao Paulo took the lead in the competition – opening seven points ahead of the runner-up – but finished the tournament in a modest sixth place. During this period, Julio Casares was elected and received the presidency of the club, previously held by Lako.

For Dinis, Sao Paulo did not “lose” this Brazilian title – captured by Flamengo – because of their style of play, but because of the changes outside the four lines.

“Sao Paulo lost the Brazilian championship at that moment because of other factors. It’s fairer to say that Sao Paulo got to where it played like that than it lost because of something like that. There they had relationship problems. The change of directors,” Diniz said.

“São Paulo was a very harmonious team from the president to the gardener. There were many hands at work, and when this castle collapsed, we felt it. Everyone felt it, because there were people who were very important to me. During the campaign, they criticized a lot who was there. The moment that people had to think about Sao Paulo and wait to enter later. The disharmony was reflected on the field,” added the coach.

Despite this, the loss of the national title is related to a disagreement between Fernando Diniz and the Cha Cha connection. At the time, the coach called the player “small leg” and “Mascardinho”.

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