Diniz sees ‘a bit of fashion’ in the wave of foreign technicians in Brazil

Coach Fernando Diniz, from Fluminense, said that the arrival of foreign coaches in Brazilian football “has a bit of a fashion”.

In an interview he gave today to “ESPN FC”, a program of the Disney channels, the commander justified his position when he referred to the issue of the effectiveness of intermediates in recent years.

“The arrival of foreigners has a certain naturalness and a bit of fashion…Five or six years ago, the fashion here was to launch intermediates. Then, Jorge Jesus and [Jorge] Sampaoli was successful and we thought the recipe was to bring in foreigners,” he began.

“Outside there are good and bad coaches. Here too. Just look at Durival Jr.: he was out of work for almost two years and now he succeeded in Flamengo. If it was a guy who came from outside, the impact would be bigger than what we talk less than what we need. He is a great coach And a great person, but we don’t appreciate him much,” he continued, who says he is “absolutely open” to new cultures in sports.

Diniz also chose which of the foreigners added the most “tactically” to local football. “Sampaoli didn’t win a title, but among the foreigners who arrived, he made the most tactical contribution to us. He’s great and we appreciate him less because he didn’t win a major title.”


Still speaking to ESPN, the coach denied having relationship problems with players and said he ends up being a “scapegoat” in specific situations.

“My work is my relationship with the players and the real interest in helping them. People sometimes put an inappropriate label on them. In the press itself: there are reports of many interviews with players who like me, but if sometimes there is an opportunity to put a scapegoat, it happens to me.”

Finally, he emphasized the “intelligence” of the Brazilian player and said that in addition to the tactical part, there is a way to develop the psychological qualities.

“The most important thing is to establish good relationships with the players: they are the ones who will determine the result and the development of the games. I try to establish this as quickly as possible. My intention is to improve the players. I have a very fast adherence. A player is an extremely intelligent and sensitive being. Culture and school Maybe lacking, but intelligence is not lacking. People go through moments of insecurity,” Diniz concluded to ESPN.

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