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City hall will invest 180 million US dollars in the renovation of 26 unified education centers

About 43,000 students, in addition to local regulars, will benefit

Published: 09/20/2022 11:51 | Update: 20/09/2022

Paradise City Dotera
The facade of a four-story building in gray, blue and yellow colors. In front of the building are two large swimming pools

The City of São Paulo, through the Municipal Department of Education (SME), in collaboration with SPObras, will renovate the facilities of 26 Unified Education Centers (CEUs) in all areas of the city, with the aim of ensuring more comfort and safety for the school environment. . The contracts have already been signed and the city hall is investing about 180 million US dollars in the initiative.

The CEUs Heliópolis, Meninos, Parque São Carlos, Lajeado, Parque das Veredas, Uirapuru, Vila Rubi, Parelheiros, Cidade Dutra, Alvarenga, Vila Atlântica, Jaguaré, Perus, Pera Marmelo, Três Pontes, Azul da Cor do Sea, Butantã, Rose of China, São Mateus, Três Lagos, Jaçanã, Campo Limpo, Cantos do Amanhecer, Jardim Paulistano, Paz and Anhanguera.

The interventions will have a 6-month implementation period and electrical and hydraulic repairs are expected; treatment of cracks and fissures; coating restoration; floor restoration; waterproofing; the location of the roof; installation of doors and windows; Drawing; making retaining walls; tours; Demarcation and coverage of many sports fields, with the placement of a football beam, basketball and volleyball posts; signaling; Landscaping; installation of new panels; Playground; and maintenance of swimming pools in some units.

The works will benefit approximately 43,000 students and professionals from the municipal network and generate 3,446 direct and indirect jobs.

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