Cidadescola begins activities promoted in collaboration with ACAE

This Wednesday morning (22/09), students from the Integral Education Program of Cidascola at EM Maria Isabel Barbosa Negrão were at the Acae Country Club for the first experience of the baseball workshop, held through the partnership created between the municipality. The government, through the municipal education department (Seduc) and the aforementioned club.

The meeting was attended by Mayor Ed Thomas, Councilor Douglas Cato, Municipal Education Secretary Professor Cirelli Oliveira, Municipal Communications Secretary Geraldo Gomes, Seduc Administrative Management Coordinator Fernanda Diamante and Acae’s Board of Directors, consisting of President Pedro Goshiken, Vice President Yoshinori Yasuda. and Chief Financial Officer Yasuo Yamaski.

On the occasion of the event, the students were accompanied by the pedagogical coordinator Aline Faba, the axis coordinator Tatiane Quattrocchi and the Articuladora teacher Rita Oliveira and initially they listened to Professor Mario Kanki who will conduct the workshops.

In his speech to those present, the mayor made sure to thank the partnership, and said of his joy at having students in the program’s activities and then told stories that touched and amused the students.

The Secretary of Education, Cirlay Oliveira, also appeared in the discussion, who, in addition to thanking everyone, spoke to the students about the importance of the program’s activities in everyone’s life and that this administration will spare no effort to satisfy everyone. With quality education..

Council member Douglas Kato stated that he was and will always be available to the Minister of Education to assist in actions that seek to improve the learning conditions of students in the municipality, he congratulated the management for resuming the program activity saying that this program brings “unimaginable growth” in the most different aspects of each student’s life.

The directors of the Acae club took the floor and stated that they were happy for the club’s participation in such an important partnership for the education of the municipality, the president Mr. Pedro Goshikan mentioned that children are the future of Brazil and that the institution believes that together these changes will be possible and that through the partnership “we will reap good results”.

Source: Communications Department

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