Casau reveals the day he was Maradona’s driver: “Very kind”

Idol of Corinthians, Casagrande was also marked by his performances in Italian football with the shirts of Ascoli and Torino, at the same time Diego Maradona shone with the shirt of Napoli. An episode that the columnist did not forget UOL It was the day he saw himself as the driver of the biggest idol in Argentine football.

in the program Two touchesshown in UOL channelNext to Milli Lacombe, Casagrande said that he had Hugo, Maradona’s younger brother, as a teammate, and from there he started a friendship with the family, which culminated the day he gave his opponent a lift after a match between Ascoli and Napoli.

“In the first game of Napoli and Ascoli there in Ascoli, I always took the car when we played at home, we concentrated in a hotel near and I took my car to the stadium, I played, I finished the game, I took I took my car I left. I went with my car and when the game was over Hugo came to me and said ‘Walter , wait a minute, let’s give my brother and the bald man a ride. Hugo came with me in front, Caraca and Maradona were behind.” , says Casagrande.

“I was driving and I thought ‘I’m with Maradona in the car’. Carca was my friend, Carca is a genius, but he already had intimacy, Maradona didn’t. I looked at the car seat and Carca and Maradona were there. I spoke, I thought ‘It’s not possible, look what I see, I Driving Carca and Maradona’, at that moment I was driving the driver and it was a nice move that season because Diego was always at Ascoli, we always went out to dinner, always, he was always a kind guy, a very attentive guy, with my whole family.”

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Casagrande on the Vinnie Jr. case: “They lost their fear of being racist”

Brazilian Vinicius Junior was the subject of racist comments on a Spanish TV show last week, as well as being called a ‘monkey’ by Atletico Madrid fans in the Spanish capital’s derby. Casagrande says this case is another reflection of a conservative and extreme society that is not afraid to expose its prejudices.

“Racism after this wave of fascism, that the extreme right began to emerge, people lost the fear and shame of being racist, homophobic, sexist and attacking people, especially women. This is their moment. There are leaders who think the same way, this is what happens mainly in football. For me it is a reflection, there is no The world of soccer and the universe of soccer, what happens inside a soccer stadium or on television programs, which was the case of the offense against Vinicius Jr., is a reflection of a racist society.”

Millie Lacombe: “The way Dennis deals with the game excites me”

Fernando Diniz never won a title in his career as a coach, but his work at Fluminense is admired by many who understand the search for inventive attacking play as an important factor in Brazilian football today. This is the case of Millie Lacombe, who reveals that she is excited about the way the team is developing at the moment with Diniz on the bench and Ganso as a winner in midfield.

“His return to Goss football for me is very exciting, it’s very emotional because I think Goss is a genius, I see him play and get excited, I get excited. The way he touches the ball, that he thinks about the game before the ball arrives I think this marriage Ganso and Denis was Very important for both of them, but I understand that Dennis and the way he plays is under pressure because he’s going to have to win something to continue to exist and to continue to develop. It drives the way that Dennis sees the game, tackles the game and puts a team together, so I’m a fan of that way of playing of Diniz”.

Casagrande: Corinthians have conditions to be champions against Flamengo

The Copa do Brasil draw saw Flamengo decide the second home leg of the Copa do Brasil final against Corinthians, which Casagrande believes increases the priority of the team led by Duribal Jr., but the former player believes Corinthians have the conditions to win. Rubro-Negro and lifted the trophy at the Maracanã.

“Corinthians are doing very well in the Copa do Brasil, they have self-confidence, the fans are excited, the players are confident, it will not be an easy life for Flamengo. Flamengo is the best team, the first step for the team that will face Flamengo in the final is not making life easy for Flamengo. You have to do Hard life, that’s the first point, not letting Flamengo enjoy the final. But Corinthians have the conditions to be champions, yes. For me, until yesterday, it was 50 to 50, now knowing that Flamengo plays the second at home, it’s 60 to 40.”

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