Brazil’s problem is not Tate says Neymar is playing hard **** – 22/09/2022

Tate apologized today for saying Neymar was “playing like hell**” this season. This was one of the big news of the Brazil team today. Perhaps of Brazilian football, after the historic rise of Cruzeiro, which yesterday imposed on Vasco the eighth defeat in a row away from home and ensured its presence in Serie A, in 2023.

What a boring day (not for Cruzeiro fans, of course).

There is no Brasil A league round and you can’t curse either.

Ah, but there is the League of Nations. Yes, many friendly Europeans who are not even appreciated by Europeans.

Ah, but tomorrow there is a selection. Yes, only tomorrow, against Ghana and at a terrible time: 15:30.

Ah, but cursing is really ugly, Tate rightly retorted. “I’m not just talking to the soccer bubble. Saying a bad word there is also not appropriate in the context of soccer. I have two small grandchildren. I’m careful not to do it again.”

In the love of the goddess. What you can’t do is insult people, curse, be racist, sexist, LGBT-phobic.

What he did was to use a wonderful linguistic resource that indicates how much Neymar plays for PSG. Could he have said “Neymar plays great football”, “Neymar plays a lot of football”, “Neymar plays great”, “Neymar plays great”? could have. None of this would carry as much weight as saying he “plays it like hell”.

If Tate’s grandchildren are going to suffer from their grandfather’s example, I don’t even know what to say about my son and all the bad words he hears every day.

Cursing isn’t the problem, folks. A well-executed curse word is prose, it’s poetry.

The problem is the painful words. The problem is our real problems. And we have a bloody problem to solve.

The second day is coming so we can see if you’re voting right because it’s screwed, really, with all due respect.

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