Boxer Isiah Jones has died at the age of 28 after a fight with a relative

Isaiah Jones (Photo: Instagram Reproduction)

Isaiah Jones (Photo: Instagram Reproduction)

the boxer Isaiah Jones Died at age 28 after being shot in a family fight Monday (19) in Detroit, Michigan. Second site TMZThe death was announced by his teacher, Rushon JonesThis Tuesday (20), through a post on Instagram.

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“Isaiah(sic) Jones (9-7-0) is a professional boxer from Detroit, Michigan, a member of the Soul City Boxing and Wrestling Institute, our last fight was against Roy Jones Jr.’s promotional team!” said Rushon . “Isiah lost his life yesterday in a tragic incident! Please keep his family in your prayers to help him get through these difficult times!” he pleaded.

The coach, who was not related to Isiah, told the website the ring that he was shot in the head after an argument with his brother. Detroit police confirmed to the vehicle that a 28-year-old man named Boxer was shot and killed by a relative on Monday around 6:26 p.m., but said no further information was available. So far no arrests have been made.

“He didn’t turn down fights, every fight he did, the odds were against him. He had enough heart and courage to take them. He could have taken the easy way out and just fulfilled his record,” said Rochaun, who told the site that he tried to get the boxer to move to his training camp in Toledo, Ohio, for safety reasons, and took care of his own. Lives in Detroit.

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“When you live in poverty, there’s more frustration, more stressful energy. When you’re poor, it’s easier to get angry. He was a great father, he took care of his children. He was a hard worker. Not everyone is perfect in life, but he was a good person. He made you Smile and laugh and was a great role model in the gym. Very humble and respectful,” added the coach to the ring. Isaiah left two children.

Isaiah Jones (Photo: Instagram Reproduction)

Isaiah Jones (Photo: Instagram Reproduction)

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