Botafogo x Flamengo: Police seize iron bars and wire from organized groups | football

Rio de Janeiro’s military police seized last Sunday, at the site of the Botafogo x Flamengo classic, at Nilton Santos Stadium, many iron and wooden bars, in addition to a baseball bat with wire.

According to the Special Battalion for the Policing of Stadiums (BEPE), most of the weapons were from members of Flamengo’s organized supporters, but there was also material from Botafogo fans. The two fans would clash near Via Armando Nogueira, Benilton Santos, but the Prime Minister was able to intervene before the encounter turned even more violent.

Baseball bat with barbed wire caught by Befe before Botafogo x Flamengo – Photo: Reproduction

– Our intelligence service watched through social networks the call of two organized Flamengo fans who were judicially punished by expulsion from the stadium for acts of violence. All in all an insult to the government, they (about 500 people) moved to live in the vicinity of the stadium. Everything without tickets – said Lieutenant Colonel Hilmar Paulhaber, from Bepe, a security battalion at sporting events in Rio de Janeiro, in a message.

– Their approach will cause an invasion of the stadium or they will relive the sad episode of February 19, 2017, called by them the “Olympic return”, an event in which Flamengo fans managed to access the external sector intended for Botafogo fans arriving to withdraw from the life of a fan with a barbecue skewer – Paul Haber completed.

According to the military police, the seized material was thrown along the road as the crowd moved, in view of the police response. None of the organized Flamengo or Botafogo members were arrested.

There is confusion around Nilton Santos before the ball gets rolling for Botafogo x Flamengo

The tension in the environment marked the game before the game

Before the match there were several reports of confusion and not just near Nilton Santos Stadium. Even so, near the stage of the game on Sunday evening there was also concern. About an hour before the ball rolled (around 17:00) fans and security forces reported shots fired, as well as confusion and running.

The military police told the report that four men were arrested, but said they had nothing to do with the mix-up. According to the information, one Flamengo fan did not respect the restriction on the scope of the stadium and three others for illegally selling tickets.

Iron and wood rods caught by Bepa members of the Flamengo team before the classic with Botafogo — photo: reproduction

The confusion began when Flamengo organizers tried to access the stadium via Armando Nogueira, a place restricted to Botafogo. Aware of the attack of the red-blacks, organized by Botafogo went towards them, and the first clashes took place between Rua das Oficinas and Rua José dos Reis.

The problem was solved about 15 minutes before the start of the match, when the viaduct through which Flamengo fans tried to reach the stadium was turned to pedestrians.

There is confusion around Nilton Santos Stadium ahead of Botafogo x Flamengo

There is confusion around Nilton Santos Stadium ahead of Botafogo x Flamengo

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— Photo: reproduction

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